The meeting was precede by the Chirstmas Raffle

  • The first prize, a Sibuya Game River Cruise Experience, was won by E van Staden.
  • The second prize, a luxury Christmas Hamper, was won by C Swanepoel.
  • The third prize, a box of assorted wines, was won by A Northrop.
  1. Opening Prayer
    The meeting was opened with a prayer by ds. Mike Smuts


  2. Welcome
    In Sheila Swanepoel’s absence John Wesley welcomed the BRRAG members, Mr O Sopela representing Ndlambe Municipality, village residents and invited guests.


  3. Attendance Register and Apologies
    An attendance register was signed by those present at the meeting.
    Apologies were received from Charles Sprong, Ian Law, Matt Mullins, Wendy Grové, Sheila and Corrie Swanepoel, D. Berkholtz, Ian and Debbie Dobell, Maureen du Plessis and Johan van der Walt.


  4. Motion of Condolences
    John Wesley offered condolences on behalf of BRRAG for those from the village who have passed away in 2017, namely Ted Walker, Andy Williams, Juliet Walker, Joy Steyn, Mrs Malherbe, Reverend Douglas Crawford, Chris Grové, Joan Lillis, Allan Butterworth, Arlene English, Diedre Rose, Howard Dredge, Riaan Scheepers, Dave van der Riet and any others that BRRAG are not aware of.


  5. Minutes of the 2016 AGM
    These were circulated to all ratepayers and placed on the website after the 2016 AGM.
    The minutes were accepted as being a true reflection of the proceedings.
    Proposer: L Wepener Seconder: Udo Kannegiesser
    There were no matters arising.


  6. Chairman’s report
    John Wesley delivered the chairman’ report on behalf of Sheila Swanepoel (see Annexure A).
    John Wesley thanked Sheila and Corrie Swanepoel for all the work they do for BRRAG.
    Two comments were received – they are recorded under the general section of these minutes.


  7. Finance Sub Committee report
    Gerald Schmidt presented the financial report (see Annexure B).
    The income for 2017 was R 312 557 and the annual expenses amounted to R 316 131 which left a small deficit of R 3 574 after allowing R 8 852 for depreciation of assets. The accumulated assets at the end of 2017 were R 280 055.
    There were no questions with respect to the financial report which was accepted without comment.

    Proposer: L Wepener
    Seconder: Udo Kannegieser


  8. Security Sub Committee Report
    John Wesley presented the security committee report (see Annexure C).
    No comments were received.


  9. Security camera presentation
    Michael Peters delivered a presentation regarding the recent improvements to the management and monitoring of the security cameras.


    A new committee representing all ratepayers in Bushman’s, Rivers Bend, Merry Hill and Kenton has been formed. Monthly meetings are held to manage the installation, maintenance, monitoring and financing of the cameras. Contributions to the camera are collected via Hi-Tec and are then paid into the committee’s bank account. Gerald Schmidt is the Treasurer.

    The number of cameras now in place has been increased from 64 to 76 and 24-hour monitoring of the cameras is now being carried out by Hi-Tec to ensure that the cameras are effective and to ensure rapid response to any possible security problems that are picked up by the cameras.

    The camera fund subscriptions of R15 per month which was used to purchase and maintain the cameras has been increased to R 30 per month to also cover the cost of the 24-hour monitoring which is now in place.

    The following questions were raised and responded to by Michael Peter:

    1. The range of the cameras are generally 200 to 300 m but there are specialized cameras in critical locations to manage the various entrance roads and critical areas.
    2. A request for a camera at the Marcelle entrance to Riversbend was made. Any requests for additional cameras should be submitted through the committee member representing your area and such requests will then be considered.
    3. Additional cameras can be requested by a resident or a group of residents, but they will be required to pay the installation costs.
    4. Camera fund membership is approximately 1 000. Negotiations with the Chamber of Business are underway to get larger payments from those businesses who benefit more from the presence of cameras.
    5. Statistics on the effectiveness of the cameras can be obtained from Hi-Tec via the Camera Committee on request.
  10. Election of the committee
    No nominations for committee members were received prior to the meeting or from the floor. A request for volunteers was made as the committee is short of members, in particular a new secretary.


    The following members of the committee still have one year of their two-year term left to serve:
    Bill Northrop, Dalien Patchonick, Neville Loader, Boet Minnaar, Jack Dell and Kevin Bates.
    They are available to complete their two-year tenure.

    The following members of the committee have completed their two-year term and are willing to stand for re-election: Sheila Swanepoel, Corrie Swanepoel, Gerald Schmidt, John Wesley and Mike White.

    Annabelle Northrop has retired from the committee and a replacement secretary is required.

    L. Wepener proposed that all the current committee members be re-elected for the tenure of their term of office. This proposal was unanimously accepted by the meeting attendees.

  11. General matters
    The following general matters were raised and discussed:


    1. There is a proposal to erect a cell phone tower at the entrance to Bushman’s. A public meeting still has to be arranged by the EIA practitioner. BRRAG will inform members of the date of the meeting when it is known. Those residents who wish to make an input to the public meeting but who cannot attend should send an email to BRRAG who will submit it for them.
    2. The speed of vehicles in the village, particularly on the beach access road. BRAGG will approach the parks board regarding more speed control measures of the beach access road. 40 km speed limit reminders have been painted on the main road as you enter the village.
    3. A light unmanned aircraft (UAS) has been flying low over people on the beach and landing on the beach. This is dangerous and illegal and if you see it please take a photograph and report it to the police.
    4. A fire hydrant breakage resulted in some residents being without water for 3 days. This delay to repair the hydrant seems excessive and was very inconvenient. The low water pressure in the higher parts of the village was also mentioned. (This is common during the peak holiday season when high demand exceeds the rate at which the water reservoirs can be refilled.)
    5. Mr. O Sopela was requested to investigate the matter.
    6. Fire / ambulance station / traffic police building has now been commissioned but the operation of the facility has been delayed by road access safety issues which are still being resolved.
    7. Access at the Bushman’s and Kenton Intersections are difficult at peak holiday times. A request for points men at Bushmans intersection in addition to those at Kenton was made and BRRAG will follow up on this request. Difficulties may arise in meeting this request as there are jurisdiction issues between the SAPS and the Provincial Traffic Police to consider. BRRAG have submitted a traffic safety report to SANRAL regarding the road safety issues along the R72 in the Busmans / Kenton area for their current planning of the road upgrading improvements required between Alexandria and Kenton. It is understood that this section of the road will be upgraded in a few years’ time when the road improvements currently under construction between Port Alfred and East London have been completed.
    8. The liquor licence for the restaurant in Bushmans has not yet been approved, possibly because they applied for an on and off sales licence and objections to the off sales licence have been raised.

L Wepener thanked the committee on behalf of the ratepayers.
John Wesley thanked all the members who had attended and participated in the meeting.
The meeting closed at 10h15.