1. Welcome
    Sheila welcomed all present

  2. Attendance and Apologies
    In attendance: Sheila, Gerald, Corrie, Jack, John and Kevin
    Apologies: Boet, Mike, Dalien, Annabelle, Bill and Neville.

  3. Confirmation of Minutes
    The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed as being a true reflection of the proceedings. Proposed for adoption by Jack and seconded by Gerald.

  4. Correspondence
    Correspondence was received from Ian Smith suggesting the village be enclosed by booms at the two entrances to the village. After brief discussion it was agreed that as this procedure is no longer legal in this country, no action would be taken. Keith Domoney commented that the new proposed development could negatively impact on the already strained property market and bring some challenge. Dr. Barbara Meiring drew attention to the correct spelling for Marcelle and Boesmans not Bushmans’ in any matters dealing with the village, the slipway and the river. Dennis Laubscher identified more damage to the gabion wall (groyn) that had been caused by the high tides and winds. This matter had already been reported to the Directorate, Community Protection Services, together with photographs, for their attention. Richard Hatfield thanked the organisation for the work it was doing and encouraged to keep up the good work.

    A letter of complaint had been written by Sheila to the Municipal Manager and the Directorates, lodging a complaint about the neglect shown to Bushmans Village and pointing out to the Municipality that it was only Bushman’s Ratepayers who were looking after the village. The letter also contained a request for an appointment to meet with the Municipal Manager. An acknowledgement had been received in respect of the letter. The Deputy Director, Infrastructure Development had replied and stated that once the workers had finished with Kenton they would be in Bushmans. The Customer Relations Officer wrote that ….”I will revert to you within 14 days with the progress and issues that have been addressed also provide you with the action plan”. Gerald tabled a Municipal Account charging Refuse Removal and Environmental Levy. Sheila will follow up on this account. All copies of correspondence both sent and received are sent by Sheila to each committee member for their information.

  5. Chiar and Legal - Sheila, Boet
    No Ward meeting had been held but there had been a War Room meeting. A presentation was given by a representative from the Department of Social Services as to the services they provide to the community. A Constitution had been requested. This would be used as a guideline for all War Room Meetings. There was no War Room Constitution available. A representative from the S.A. Police gave an outline of crime statistics in the area. The community of Marcelle is very concerned because the Sports Body is not undertaking their duties and this causes dissatisfaction in their community.

    Adri Barkhuysen had been in communication with Sheila and asked for a further meeting regarding the proposed cell tower. Sheila had informed Adri that BRRAG have taken a back seat in this matter as she is not prepared for the Organisation to become embroiled in anything that could split the community. However, as an individual she is quite prepared to meet with the Consultants and representatives from the church whenever convenient. (BRRAG has already had one very congenial meeting with Dm Smuts on this topic). After discussion the committee agreed to the meeting with Adri and again, in principle to the erection of a Tower depending on its location. This has always been the feeling of the individuals at the meeting in their private capacity.

  6. Finance - Gerald
    The monthly financial statement was distributed to the committee members, and no exceptions were noted. Corrie has bought paint for the road markings.

  7. Fundraising - Jack and John
    Jack appealed for any used items for the White Elephant stall for the Craft market, which is being held on Saturday the 30th September - Any assistance with this appeal would be appreciated and also help on the day is always welcome.

  8. Membership - Gerald
    Membership numbers have remained the same as last month but are marginally up on last year.

  9. Rivers Bend – Dalien and Kevin
    Kevin was given some contacts regarding the plants for the aloe garden at the entrance to Rivers Bend. It would be appreciated if anybody would donate aloes, fertilizer, and rocks. We will welcome physical help and thanks to those who already offered.

  10. Safety and Security – John, Gerald and Sheila

    1. Camera Fund Report – Gerald
      We are currently re-writing the constitution of the Camera Fund. Four more cameras will be put up in Boesmans. If you or a few of your neighbours want the area in front of your houses to be monitored, Hi-Tec will install a camera which will cost appoximately R16,000. This camera will be monitored by Hi-Tec and a monthly monitoring fee of R30.00 each will apply to the properties covered.

    2. Security Report – John
      Thanks to the SAPS success in arresting perpetrators after the July and early August spike in house related crimes, the crime rate has dropped significantly. BRRAG and a number of volunteers from the community are working with the SAPS by providing extra “eyes and ears” to the SAPS during crime fighting operations. The SAPS are now making extensive use of the Link application put forward by BRRAG. Community members are requested to install the app and join the BRM Security Channel as reporting incidents via this channel will considerably speed up SAPS reaction. A full report on security is available at the following link: click here

    3. Liaison with Hi-Tec – Liaison going well

    4. Community Police Forum – Bill – Nothing to report.

  11. New Developments and Building Regulations - Bill
    Nothing to report

  12. Estuary Care, River, SAN-parks and Beaches – Bill
    Nothing to report

  13. Fire Fighting - Bill
    Nothing to report

  14. Web Site - Sheila and Annabelle
    We are all waiting with great anticipation for our new web site.

  15. Newsletter – Sheila and Annabelle
    The next Newsletter will be sent out in October

  16. Chamber of Business – Annabelle
    Nothing to report.

  17. Storm Water and Vlei maintenance – Neville
    Nothing to report

  18. General Village Maintenance and Ablutions – Corrie, Jack
    All general maintenance is up to date. Due to the drought cutting is only carried out when needed. Mike did a sterling job in repairing the wall at the slipway and the disabled slope that was washed away during the bad weather. The brickwork at the slipway jetty was also repaired. Painting of the roads center line, Stop Streets and Speed Humps has started.

    The recent high storm surge undermined the foundations of the toilet block above the beach near the camping area. The possible collapse of the toilet block has been reported to the Municipality so that they can implement the necessary backfill and protection measures.

  19. All civil engineering matters: - Mike
    The recent high storm surge also deposited a lot of sand on the beach parking area and the Municipality was asked to clear it. A grader was sent to clear the parking area but it could only push some of the sand to one side which has reduced the useable area of the carpark. A front-end loader is required to pick up the excess sand and dump it back on the beach.

    The Municipality has not carried out any road repairs so far this year and the Chairperson has asked for a meeting with the Municipality to discuss the matter with them.

  20. Any other business

There being no further business the meeting closed at 17h00.

The next meeting is to be held on the second Thursday 12th October at 4.00 p.m. and preceded by a security meeting. Hi-Tec is to be advised.

Chair, BRRAG