Minutes of a meeting of the executive committee of BRRAG held on 14 July 2023 via zoom.

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present and advised that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the newly acquired lease of the townhall.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jacques de Wit, Sarel Marais, Sue Muirhead, Robert Schroeder, Rowene Johnston, Michael Vermooten, Gibbon Schickerling, Ferenc Toth, Duard Scholtz, Willie Enright.

Apologies: Wanda Nezar, Dalien Pachonick.

3. Town Hall

The chair set out that the leasing of the town hall to BRRAG was a first and important step in the history of the organisation.

The lease is for a period of 9 years and 11 months commencing 1 July 2023. It includes the beach kiosk and the hall area up to the road behind the hall as well as the storage area in front of the hall currently utilized by BRRAG. We are also responsible for keeping the front lawn area neat and tidy – the latter which BRRAG is already doing. Jacques mentioned that the municipality is asking for an addendum to the lease so that official government business (such as elections) can be conducted in the hall at a set rate. All agreed that this was to be accepted.

The lease provides that the premises may only be used to conduct events such as exhibitions, meetings, functions, church services, office space and community security services.

From now on we are responsible for the municipal accounts, including water and electricity consumed. Andrew will be requested to establish a ringfenced fund for the townhall and that all income and expenses be allocated to and against that fund.

We noted that there are no furniture and fittings and a call for sponsors for chairs and tables can be embarked upon. Michael, Jacques and Duard will search for the tables and chairs that used to be in the hall. The group will also approach Cas to ensure that he clears out the back veranda area.

The hall is in a sad state. RESOLVED that as an immediate project a quote for roof repairs be obtained and an attempt be made to get the municipality to carry this cost. Willie mentioned that the bathrooms and kitchen are in a sad state. Sponsors may be looked for and a Lotto grant can be investigated.

Agreed that Jacques will approach the church group that uses part of the hall to remove the files and goods and give BRRAG full access to all areas. The church group may negotiate further use of the premises for church services.
AGREED that Lötter will speak to Ian Smith and advise that we require access and use of the area currently utilized by a legionnaires group. Noted that they have fridges, etc using electrical current.

Sue mentioned that the Round Table is interested in utilizing the facility in September 2023 (1 day) and March 2023 (3 days). In return they will donate 75% of the income to BRRAG (expected to be about R 11 000) and also expects BRRAG to make a donation of R 2 000 to a charitable cause. All accepted that this may be implemented. It was noted that Round Table will assist with the improvement of the toilets. Sue to co-ordinate and liaise with Michael and Robert to avoid duplication of costs.

There is also a tentative application to host a wedding in the hall during September. We are required to determine a schedule of charges so that prospective users can be advised of the costs involved when requesting use of the facilities. Lötter to circulate a proposed cost schedule for comment.

AGREED that a reservation register be kept by Sue and Sarel. All requests for reservations should be forwarded to them for attention and handling.

AGREED, in principle, that different rates will apply to different applicants, the reason being to accommodate charities and the like organisations.

Gibbon will check if our current insurance covers us against claims and will make suggestions in this regard.

Gibbon will propose a set of rules to be incorporated in a form that applicants will be required to sign and adhere to. This will include an indemnity against injury / death of users and damage caused to the building. A 24h00 curfew is foreseen.



Schedule of town hall rates

All payments must be made into the BRRAG account prior to use with Reference “Hall” and user ID eg, exhibition, painters, Surname wedding, GCC (Great Commission Churh), NGK (NG Kerk) etc

Weddings, functions etc
Bare hall provided.
Day before 12h00
Morning after – out by 10h00
R 2000 including
R 500 refundable
When keys are delivered and hall in clean state at 10h00 or before.
Exhibitions Full day R 1 000
Round Table ad hoc.
Bare hall provided.
September 2023 – 1 day
March 2024 – 3 days
75% of the September income estimated at R 11 000 but BRRAG to donate R2 000 thereof to charity. Plus assistance to renovate the hall / facilities
Child welfare ad hoc.
Bare hall provided but if we have chairs and tables, it may be used
  R 200 per half day
Church services.
Bare hall provided but if we have chairs and tables, it may be used.
Half day R 200 per session. No more than half day.
Government use as per addendum Full day As per lease agreement addendum
Garden / book clubs 3-4 hours R 50 per hour
Use of veranda only (I presume and toilets) 1 day or part therof R 100 per user

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