Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers Association

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About us

The Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organization (BRRAG) is a body of people with a Mandate from members of the ratepayers to look after their interests in Ward 3 of the Ndlambe Municipality. The committee of BRRAG is elected at the AGM (certain people can however be co-opted onto any sub-committee by the elected committee incumbents). Members serve for a period of 2 years on a pro bono basis. The “Constitution of the BRRAG” is a document which serves as a guideline for the operation of the Organisation.

The areas where the BRRAG is most active is in bringing to the notice of the Ndlambe Municipality and the Ndlambe Council, via the Ward 3 councillor and the Ward 3 Committee, matters which affect or could affect the ratepayers. In addition there is now a consultative body called “The War Room”, an initiative introduced by the government as a vehicle to engage with local populations on a national leve.  Each member of the BRRAG committee has a portfolio of special responsibilities which are broadly based on the structure of Ndlambe Municipality.

Our Committee Members

Chairman Lӧtter Wepener
Vice Chair   Jacques de Wit
Members Sarel Marais (Treasurer), Willie Enright, Wanda Nezar,
Dalien Pachonick, Gibbon Schickerling, Robert Schroeder,
Ferenc Toth, Sue Muirhead, Elvira Ramraj. 


The greatest challenges facing BRRAG are the sustainability of the municipal services, proposed new developments and the management of the river. These are, however, not the only areas of concern and numerous other issues including security, water supply, health, building regulation compliance etc., are dealt with on an ongoing basis. We believe that we have to be proactive instead of re-active. We now rent the Tennis Courts and Club House from the Municipality. BRRAG is continually in liaison with the relative Municipal Directorates, community protection services and Infrastructure Development. BRRAG has also organised a volunteer fire fighting group, under the aegis of the Ndlambe Fire Department, and who arranges training for volunteers from the area. Each year we identify manageable projects which can be undertaken with our limited financial resources. We are extremely fortunate to have the generous support of members who also cherish this piece of Eastern Cape paradise.

Specific issues which we are currently addressing are the following:

  • The SEA Strategic Environmental Analysis and EMP (Environmental Management Plan)
  • The IDP (Integrated Development Plan)
  • Proposed rezoning and development of Marselle 348 Portion 4 and Farm 371
  • The river intake and water storage capacity of the Amatola Water Board
  • RDP house construction at Harmony Park and Marselle
  • Municipal solid waste disposal site and sewerage works
  • Disaster management
  • Boating regulations SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority)
  • Management of the river together with Estuary Care and via the NRF (Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum)
  • The municipal finances
  • Reporting oversight function

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Most of the day-to-day business of BRRAG can be monitored via the committee monthly minutes which are posted on our web site.

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