Recycling depot in Bushman’s industrial area

The recycling site will accept the following:

Members are encouraged to recycle these items and in this way also assist the small business run by one lady and one helper.

Cans Both drink and food cans – paint and oil cans and catering tin foil cannot be recycled.
The recyclable cans need to be washed and clean.
Cardboard All cardboard boxes  – make sure they’re clean and fold them down please!
Milk and juice cartons are a big NO NO!
Plastic Bottles and bags, fruit, veg and yoghurt containers. Make sure they’re clean.
Plastic milk containers, detergent bottle and crates and buckets are ok –  NO polystyrene, black bags, PVC, that’s garden chairs, gutters and the like.
Paper White paper and brochures and shredded paper but NOT cement bags or magazines and newspaper.
Glass Clean bottles and jars, without corks and lids please.



The recycling site will not accept the following:

  • Disposable nappies
  • Batteries
  • Food
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Electronics
  • Polystyrene, black bags, PVC (e.g. garden chairs, gutters and the like.)
  • Cement bags or magazines and newspaper.

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