Minutes of a meeting of the executive committee of BRRAG held on 11 August 2023 via zoom.

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present and advised that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the newly acquired lease of the townhall.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jacques de Wit, Sarel Marais, Sue Muirhead, Robert Schroeder, Rowene Johnston, Michael Vermooten, Gibbon Schickerling, Wanda Nezar, Dalien Pachonick

Apologies: Willie Enright, Duard Scholtz, Ferenc Toth.

3. Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the meetings of 16 June, 14 and 20 July were confirmed and the Chair authorised to sign them.

4. Correspondence

A letter regarding an enquiry about population growth will be responded to by Wanda.
The Chair sent an action list of outstanding matters to the municipal manager.

5. Legal Matters

The caravan park tender is out, and all parties will assist the Cabin Association to submit a tender.

There was a bit of a wobble during the past few days as the SA Legion group approached the municipality in an endeavour to obtain a lease for the office space of the building despite them being made aware that BRRAG is now the tenant. A letter received from the secretary also does not make any proposals and no proposals by them have been received as they were requested to make, for our consideration. It appears that SA Legion was blowing hot and cold and were attempting to undermine the BRRAG lease. The municipal manager assured us that we have the entire building, including the office space and if necessary, paperwork to support this will be attended to.

The chair tabled a letter from SA Legion in which is was said that “ It would be a great pity to see that the community is no longer supporting the SA Legion.” This statement was most strange and appears to be directed at BRRAG. The chair shall deal with it and ask for clarification.

RESOLVED not to take out event insurance for the time being and that the indemnity prepared by the chair be used to limit liability by BRRAG.

NPO Report
The chair advised that the annual NPO report had been submitted.

6. Finance

The financials were tabled and appeared healthy. Thanks to an email sent out by Veronique Jones, some contributions for the December guards have been received.

Robbie will be acquiring road paint and will but considering that Fanie Fouche advised that Ndlambe will attend to road markings in September.

The proposed town hall rental rates were approved.

Dylan has not been paying for the use of the tennis club house. Robert will follow up.

7. Village Maintenance

Robbie advised that work is progressing in all areas. Noted that M & L Construction will repair the towpath.
See notes above re road markings. Robbie was authorised to acquire a pole cutter and replacement motor for the Kudu mower. Sanitation; Jacques met with the relevant directors regarding a proposed new refuse transfer site (as a opposed to a refuse site). Three sites were identified and we support the one near the sewage works. The SDSG is attending to the matter.

8. Village infrastructure

Fanie advised that SANPARKS will be attending to a gabion wall at the dune ablution. Robbie will look at the possibility of touching up the painted tennis court and painting / resurfacing the other one. Water: there is a low availability of water due to the repairs being effected by Amatola. The contractor was inexperienced and the work of a substandard nature. It took 7 days to do 1 day’s work. Completion is foreseen for next week. It is envisaged that a private contractor will take over the Amatola water production plant in due course.

9. Estuary

There is no organisation looking after the interest of the estuary, save for BRRAG and SDSG. Additional awareness of the state of the estuary needs to be bolstered.

10. Ward

A ward committee meeting was held with little progress. Rowene was proposed as committee member.

11. Chamber of business

The chair report will be distributed by the chair.

12. Website

We have 632 followers on FB and over 2000 reaches. The page is successful.

13. General

Closure – a tentative date for 20 September was suggested.



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