Minutes of a meeting of the executive committee of BRRAG held on 11 November 2022 via zoom

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jacques de Wit, Gibbon Schickerling, Sue Muirhead, Dalien Pachonick, Sarel Marais, Willie Enright, Ferenc Toth.

Apologies: Robert Schroeder, Elvira Ramjah, Wanda Nezar

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 15 September 2022 were approved, and the chairman authorized to sign them.

4. Correspondence

BRRAG registered with CES regarding the EIA for the Amatola Water area.

A letter was sent to Ndlambe regarding drainage and roads issues in the Village. Also, the speed hump for Ocean View.

We are awaiting clarification about the use of the refuse skip in the industrial area.

We are awaiting an official response to our request to use the old town hall.

Dep Dir Maluleke to be asked if labourers will be available this year so that a work plan can be arranged,

5. Legal matters

The tennis court lease renewal is being awaited.
The caravan park tender is being awaited.
A meeting with the bylaw officer will be arranged.

Sarel has submitted an application for the new proxy and the duplicate registration certificate for the trailer and the same difficulties as in the past are experienced: no action by the authorities. RESOLVED that the chief of traffic be approached.

Staff: The employees elected to take leave during 2023 after the holiday season. New contracts will be entered into for 2023. Lötter will do new fixed term contracts for 2023.

6. Finance

The Financials as at the end of October were noted and approved.

RESOLVED that the Organisation contributes a quarter of the costs of the breakfast arranged by the SDSG for Ndlambe officials noted that Ndlambe pledged R 60 000 contribution to BRRAG expenses. Sue has the Christmas marker under control. There are 22 stallers. Sunshine Coast Tourism is assisting with advertising the event.

7. Village Maintenance

Noted that Pete Andrew commenced with the tennis court cleaning.

M & L Construction signs in the Village: Sarel undertook to speak to the Cruikshank family about this matter.

Dalien and Lötter to follow up the Christmas lights.

We were advised that the streetlights will be attended to next week.

8. Riversbend matters

The sub-standard houses (park homes) have not been resolved. Jacques will discuss with those in the know.

9. Village Infrastructure

The ablution blocks will be attended to by Lötter.

Sewer reticulation: a response is being awaited from dir Maluleke.

Willem Nel to be contacted about the illegal buoys. Lötter and Jacques will do so. Jacques will also promote the issue through Estuary Care.

Sarel advised that documents that may be relevant were retrieved from the kiosk

10. Security

The December security will be advertised in the next newsletter.

Ferenc reported that the NW groups are closer to each other and that co-operations seems more likely than in the past.

Ferenc reported that the Camera fund is doing fairly well. Current committee: Ferenc, Stuart Clarkson, Chris Barnard, Leon van Rensburg.

The camaras at the sea carpark are being upgraded and camaras at the Dias wells are being investigated.

A community braai for NW will be planned.

11. SDSG

Lötter gave a short overview of the workings of the SDSG – Service Delivery Support Group.

It was decided to involve the Ndlambe Health Department in the sewage leaks from homes along the towpath.

Jacques gave assort summary about the sewage and water issues which are ongoing. The sewage problem in Kenton is huge compared to Boesmans.

12. Firefighting

Ferenc advised that the new owners of the old Post Office building agreed that BRRAG may continue to store the firefighting equipment in the small room.

12. Website

Gibbon reported that the Facebook page is doing extremely well and improving all the time. Committee members should pass interesting articles to Gibbon.

13. Newsletter

A newsletter will go out after articles from committee members are received by the chair.

14. Estuary Care

It was noted that Willem Nel has not done an audit of buoys in the river and that illegal buoys have not been removed. Willem Nel undertook to attend to the matter.

Kenton dune matter. The dune issue has quieted down and the chair will follow up.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Nothing to report.

16. Ward Committee

Sue reported that the issues are stray cattle and water. There is not much input at ward level.

17. General

The list of signs that have to be refurbished was sent to Ndlambe and we are waiting for feedback.

Decided not to have a guest speaker at the AGM on 27 December 2022.

18. Closure

The next meeting will be held during late October / early November 2022.



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