The intention of this note is absolutely not to alarm you, but to offer tips on how to avoid any undesirable incidents during your stay. Please be aware that levels of poverty and unemployment are very high in this area. Criminals, and gangs from out of town, tend to take advantage of the festive season, when many very welcome holiday makers join us for a while. There is an understandable tendency to relax and drop one’s guard.

Burglars often target properties on the night of arrival of visitors, when they are not yet used to their surroundings. A new trend is that burglars strike at dusk, when they can still easily spot items lying around the house, and then they hide out until it is dark before departing the area.

Tips to stay safe

  • Keep exterior doors locked, even when you are in the house.
  • Always set the house alarm when out, and at night. Contact Hi-Tec if you need help with the alarm settings.
  • Lock all valuables away in a safe place at night and remove the key.
  • See that firearms are kept in a secure safe – not on the bedside table or in your motor vehicle.
  • See that all doors are locked, windows are closed and alarm activated before going out.
  • Always lock your car and do not leave anything lying on the seats.
  • Lock your possessions, parcels, groceries away out of sight in the boot.
  • Don’t leave keys, phones, laptops, wallets, handbags or items of clothing close to open windows.
  • Don’t leave washing on a balcony, patio or other open and easily accessible place.
  • Don’t take valuables on hikes, and if you do, don’t leave money or valuables unattended at any stage.
  • Avoid excessive display of expensive jewellery, cameras, laptops and other valuables.
  • It is not advisable to carry large sums of money around.
  • Make sure to keep a record of all relevant serial numbers e.g. laptop, cell phone etc.
  • Make use of a “tracking app” – this makes it easier to track your laptop, cell phone, tablet, I-pad in case of theft.

If you discover that a crime has been committed, use the Link app for an initial report as this immediately alerts senior SAPS members and then telephone the police and Hi-Tec immediately afterwards.

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast.

We value your company.


Important phone numbers

SAPS Kenton on Sea: 046 648 1222 / 10111 (landline)
Crime Hotline for this area: 082 374 0239
Hi-Tec Security: 046 648 1032
Security App Link (powered by Vodacom)
BRM Security Channel
Port Alfred Hospital 046 604 4000
Local Doctor: 046 648 1256
Ambulance Service: 10177 or Guardmed 082 759 2134
Fire Brigade: 046 648 1111
Tourist Information Centre: 046 648 2411

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