1. Welcome

Lötter Wepener welcomed those present and adjourned the meeting pending enquires being made to committee members whether they would be attending the meeting. The meeting was reconstituted and Lӧtter Wepener opened the meeting.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lötter Wepener, Jack Dell, Bill Northrop
Apologies: Kevin Bates, Dalien Pachonick, Corrie Swanepoel, Sheila Swanepoel, Ference Toth.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 1 June 2019 be approved and the chairman authorised to sign the.

4. Correspondence

4.1 Correspondence received
4.1.1. The letter received from Dr Dennis Laubscher regarding the vlei area was forwarded to the Municipal manager, who acknowledged receipt and undertook to investigate the contents thereof.

4.1.2. A letter from Dr Dennis Laubscher dealing with dune migration was received and Dr Laubscher was advised that it will be forwarded to the municipality and

4.1.3. The letter from Ian Smith advising of a donation of streetlights by Bruce Waddell was tabled. Jack Dell will meet with Ian and Bruce to ascertain the nature of the hardware in order to consider how BRRAG can play a role in its use.

4.2 Correspondence issued
4.2.1. A letter was sent to the Municipal manager reminding him of the undertaking by the municipality will remove green refuse.

4.2.2. The Municipal Manager and the Speaker were advised of the dysfunctionality of the Ward Committee and the offer to assist members of Ward with training.

4.3 Correspondence issued
4.3.1. The annual NPO narrative is to be sent

4.3.2. Letter regarding road repairs; Hertzog Street and road leading to the slipway.

5. Legal matters

5.1 Municipal issues
The vlei issue was fully explained in a recent newsflash to all members.

5.2 Other legal issues

6. Finance

6.1 Income and Expenditure
The income and expenditure statement were noted, and a concern was expressed regarding our low cash flow availability. Lӧtter now has access to the bank account and will attend to payments on behalf of BRRAG.

Expenditure up until the end of March 2019 amounts to R 289 649 against the total 2019 budgeted expenditure of R 375 610.

6.2 Budget status
Nothing to report

6.3 Membership
Lӧtter will follow up with Ray and Glen.

6.4 Fundraising
The next fundraiser is the fathers’ day lunch which will generate a small profit.

6.5 Other Financial matters
6.5.1. Lӧtter handed Jack two pouches for documents to be delivered to Andrew from time to time at 21 Beaufort Street, Kenton.

6.5.2. The Constitution requires the appointment of a Treasurer. As a result of the bookkeeping functions having been outsourced and other functions having been allocated to members of the committee, the Treasurer will have very few functions to perform. Decided that Jack Dell be appointed as Treasurer.

7. Village maintenance

7.1 Grass cutting and bush clearing
All seem to be under control.

7.2 Roads and street signs
A plea for financial assistance will soon go out.

7.3 Refuse removal
See 4.2.1 above.

7.4 Other maintenance issues
Decided that a letter be sent to the Municipality about the state of Hertzog Road as well as the road leading to the slipway. The latter can still be repaired but Herzog Road has totally disintegrated.

8. Village infrastructure

8.1 Ward committee
Nothing further to report – see 4.2.2 above.

8.2 IDP
Lӧtter will go through the documents and emails to ascertain where we stand. It was decided not to include the dune migration in the IDP as the issue is being dealt with by the Municipality and by including it in the Bushman’s IDP, the funds to attend to the problem may possibly be allocated from the Bushman’s budget.

8.3 Ablution blocks
Decided that committee members will arrange for the sewage truck to clear the slipway ablution block before and after the September high water.

8.4 Water, sewers and storm water drainage
The storm water drains at the bridge (next to Andrew Murray) is constantly blocked, causing debris to flow into the River. Bill will settle a letter, with co-ordinates regarding the area, for Lӧtter to send to Sanral.

There is also a blocked storm water drain in River Road. Jack will liaise with Sheila to identify the correct municipal official and arrange for an on-site inspection.

It was noted that Mike White was serving on the local water workshop.

8.5 Car parks and slipway
The dune migration may completely cover the sea carpark in the near future. The carpark at the slipway will not be attended to due to the lack of funds.

A plea for financial assistance with the manhole covers will again be sent out.

9. Security

9.1 Liaison with HiTec
Ference advised that the relationship with Hi-Tec is extremely good.

9.2 Security incidents
There were minimal security incidents recently.

9.3 Camera fund
The acquisition of cameras is on hold pending a reconsideration of an overhaul of the whole security system.

9.4 Security fence maintenance
The fence walker may have to be reconsidered. Bill will take Jack on an inspection to understand the nature and extent of the work involved. Gideon will be called to attend a meeting so that his duties can be properly circumscribed and a programme for access to the bush cutter can we worked out. Some supervision of this work may be required as Bill had to personally do some cutting after Gideon had done his rounds.

It was further noted that the bush cutter, blades and fuel were all stored in the clubhouse. Jack undertook to mark all the containers and to ensure that all the various items are kept together.

9.5 Liaison with SAPS
Nothing to report

9.5 Liaison with local security groups
The groups are working well together

10. Firefighting

Bill will tow the water trailer to the Disaster Management Centre where it will be under cover and with 24/7 access to it. Bill will liaise with Mervyn Sauls for additional flat hoses and firefighting clothing. Bill will make the list of volunteers available to Lӧtter so that the list can be readily available on the BRRAG computer. It was noted that each volunteer on the list is in possession of keys to access the storeroom that is being made available by Dave Nicolls.

11. Website

All website articles have been made current. All articles that are for publication on the website must be sent to the chair who will liaise with the webmaster.

12. Newsletter

The next newsletter will be prepared for the end of June / early July.

13. Estuary Care

Bill will ascertain the Estuary Care position regarding complaints of sewage leaks at certain riverfront dwellings.

14. Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum

Nothing to report.

15. Chamber of Business

Nothing to report.

16. Any other business

Thee was a further communication from the developers of the Marselle area (CEN Integrated). Bill will react to it in his personal capacity. Lӧtter will study the existing documentation to establish BRRAG’s position.

17. Closure and next meeting

Future meeting dates

The meeting closed at 11h15 and the following dates confirmed:
Saturday 13th July at 10h00
Saturday 31st August at 10h00
Saturday 28th September at 10h00
Saturday 26th October at 10h00
Saturday 30th November at 10h00
Saturday 14th December at 09h00

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