Minutes of a meeting of the executive committee of BRRAG held on 29 April 2022 at 14 Krogscheepers Street Boesmansriviermond and via zoom

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jacques de Wit, Sarel Marais, Gibbon Schickerling (Via Zoom), Willie Enright, Robbie Schroeder, Sue Muirhead.
Apologies: Wanda Nezar, Dalien Pachonick, Ferenc Toth, Elvira Ramraj.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 1 April 2022 were approved, and the chairman authorized to sign them.

4. Correspondence

There is a fallen tree near no 16 Salie and Jacques took it up with deputy director Maluleke.

Ndlambe made a Storage area available to BRRAG at no charge on a temporary basis, until such a time that the Executive Committee provides approval. Robbie is cleaning and preparing the area and will arrange for the kiosk goods and paint at Buco to be stored. The kiosk remains available for December security and cleaning. Robbie was advised about the room in the ablution block that is full of “stuff” and that the staff should clear this out. We are watching developments regarding the caravan park lease and the old townhall.

Discussions between Jacques and officials may result in suitable covering being placed on the River parking area.

KSDNA (Kenton Sand Dune and Nature Association). There is some disappointment that it appears that the matter is not driven properly. The members of the Action Group will be asked for solutions.

Robbie is dealing with the signs that encourage people to pick up dog mess. Robbie will look at other dilapidated signs and talk to Jack about vinyl replacements / refurbishments.

Jacques is following up the additional speed hump in Ocean View Drive. Correspondence was sent to Ndlambe.

RESOLVED that the Chamber of Business to be asked to pay over the money for the entrance structure.

Noted that the Ndlambe information signs that are to be erected at strategic points in our area are in the final stages of completion.

Jacques sent a roads audit to the Municipality and received a response that some roads will be dealt with depending on budgetary constraints. The audit will be sent to all committee members.

A letter sent by Jacques to Ndlambe requesting a skip for refuse remains unanswered and was followed up.

A letter sent by Jacques requesting that the town drainage be attended to resulted in a response that an attempt will be made to attend thereto.

5. Legal matters

The tennis court lease renewal is being awaited. Rent has been paid until June 2022.

Sarel will deal with the new proxy and the duplicate registration certificate for the trailer.

Lötter and Jacques are assisting the caravan park association in their quest to tender for the upcoming lease.

The suggestion by Jacques that the various associations should get together to meet with the municipal manager and directors to secure improved service delivery, came to fruition The meeting was held on 28 April and it was well received by all. New models are required as the current levels of service leaves much to be desired. Jacques was thanked for his efforts.

Staff: Sarel, assisted by Elvira will register BRRAG for UIF so that the staff contributions can be paid directly by BRRAG to SARS.

6. Finance

The Financials as at the end of March were noted and approved.
Jacques will contact Fanie Fouche for a further donation in respect of green refuse removal. He advised that a tender for village maintenance was contained in the municipal budget.
RESOLVED that Sue will consult with Jack to obtain information and deal with the revival of the flea markets.

7. Village Maintenance

Robbie reported that all is going well, and the staff members are attending the usual matters. Green refuse removal is being undertaken on a weekly basis. Water drainage aeras were cleaned. Fence clearing was done. The new storage area is being repaired.

Pete Andrews is in the process of refurbishing the boardwalk. Low hanging branches in RB were trimmed.
Robbie and Jacques will arrange for the paint at Buco to be delivered.

8. Riversbend matters

Riversbend Robbie will attend to a few items such as green refuse removal and tree trimming.
Sarel will liaise with Pollos to find out what may be done about the sub-standard houses.

9. Village Infrastructure

Ablution blocks: The municipal cleaners requested that the dune ablutions be locked to prevent damage caused by unknown persons and this was attended to.

Water Management: Jacques reported on the continued water management issues dealt with by the SDSG Water (Service Delivery Support Group).

The Minister of Water and Sanitation removed the Amatola board. The new chair is receptive to our problems and manners to solving it. Doug Swanson (Chamber of Business) representing SDSG made representations to the Minister of Water Affairs and Sanitation.

Recommendation made to Ndlambe, as water services authority, to investigate the appointment of additional water service providers to mitigate the risk to the communities are ongoing and well received by Ndlambe.

It was noted that Willem Nel, together with Estuary Care, will be doing an audit of buoys in the River and that illegal buoys will be removed soon.

10. Security.

Stood over.

11. Firefighting

Jacques is waiting for a price on a galvanised fire tender.

12. Website

Gibbon reported that the Facebook page is doing well and had many visitors. Gibbon undertook and established a cloud-based filing system on Google Drive for use and access by the committee.

13. Newsletter

A newsletter will go out after articles from committee members are received by the chair.

14. Estuary Care

See paragraph 4 above.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Our budget input was furnished by Jacques to the NRF, the latter which will submit a combined document to Ndlambe.

16. Ward Committee

Nothing to report. Sue attended the district IDP meeting where the mayor expressed frustration with Amotola Water service delivery.

17. Chamber

The chamber to be asked to pay over the R 60 000 for our entrance structure. Jacques will meet with Pollos to obtain a suitable design.

18. IDP

We must establish the dates for submissions as well as dates for meetings for the current IDP so that our input can be given in time. Jacques will ask Fanie.

19. General

Nothing to report

20. Closure

The next meeting will be held on 1 July 2022.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 12h00


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