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Welcome to our second Newsletter of 2019

With our busiest time of the year far behind us, the residents of both Bushman’s River Mouth and Riversbend are settling back into their daily routine of life in a small village for the forthcoming winter months. The weather during the Easter break held fair until Easter Monday when a change in the weather gave rise to a sustained period of rainfall which, although putting a damper on the holiday weekend, was much needed in our area of the Eastern Cape. There were many holiday makers and holiday home owners visiting Bushman’s, and with the sun playing its role for the early days of the Easter Holidays, the beaches and river were enthusiastically used by the visitors. Our own Bushman’s Craft Market added to the holiday atmosphere and the festivities attracted a good number of visitors too. Bushman’s is, and always will be, a wonderful holiday destination and for those of you who were with us over the holidays we thank you for choosing Bushman’s and look forward to welcoming your frequent return in the months and years ahead.

News from the Chair

All of us in Bushman’s were very distressed to hear about the attack on Dave Nicholl during a robbery at his shop on Saturday 27th April. Dave is recovering in hospital as this newsletter goes to press and we wish him a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, crime in our village is still a problem and we are grateful for the efforts of those who put considerable time and effort into the neighbourhood watch initiatives. Thank you also to those who have made donations to the neighbourhood watch to cover some of their operational expenses.
On a more positive note we are pleased to report that, thanks to the initiative of the Kenton Business Forum and the Kenton Ratepayers Association a pro-active technical committee, consisting of members of the Business Forum and KOSRA, the Municipality and the Albany Water Board, have been addressing the water shortage problem in our area. They have invited the BRRAG chairman to join their committee and it is very encouraging to see how, given some good will, all the parties can work so well together to solve a common problem. Household leaks have been identified and the necessary plumbing repairs are well underway and will be completed shortly. Several pipeline leaks have also been identified and repaired and flow meter logging instruments are being installed to check on water flows and pressures so that the pipe network can be optimized and further leaks identified. Albany Water Board have also replaced the filters in the desalination plant to increase the output volume. When the short-term problems have been addressed the team will continue to work with the Municipality to find a solution to meeting the long-term future water supply requirements. The first phase of this long-term solution will involve the installation of an additional reverse osmosis package plant to increase the output of the existing Bushman’s reverse osmosis plant; this plant should be installed before the end of the year and will help to ensure that the Christmas holiday water demand can be met. Having said that all residents are reminded again that the Eastern Cape is a water scarce region and that everyone who doesn’t have rain water storage tanks should consider installing them.

Community Fundraising Report (Portfolio – Jack Dell)

Once again our fundraising activities for this time of the year were aimed at the Easter Holiday break and our yearly Easter Craft Market. For the second time running we held the event at the old Bushman’s Town Hall, which we had found to be the best location for all concerned. The market was well attended by both crafters and visitors and helped raise much needed funds for the upkeep of both Bushman’s River Mouth and Riversbend. We thank all the volunteers who gave up their time and more to make this Craft Market a success.

Our next fundraising event is our Father’s Day Braai which will be held at the Tennis Club on Sunday June the 16th at 1pm. Bookings essential – Contact Jack on Cell 079 829 2698.

Community General Information

Eskom. During our recent Eskom power outages many people found themselves with no power to their alarm systems and as such were vulnerable. Hi-Tec have advised us to tell all home owners to have their back up batteries checked out and also have an extra battery piggybacked on for additional safety. The price of a battery far outweighs the cost of a break in, so please check your own batteries.

Manhole covers. Residents may have noticed that the dangerous, rusted or damaged manhole covers have been replaced in Bushman’s River and drain gratings have been installed over four deep drain inlets in Riversbend. BRRAG has carried out this work, which should be the responsibility of the Municipality, at a cost R50,000.00. Needless to say, this has made a large hole in our budget. Our thanks go to those who so generously responded to our appeal for funding for this additional project but we are still far short of the sum required so if anyone would still like to make a donation towards the cost it would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be deposited into the BRRAG bank account at Standard Bank, Kenton on Sea Branch No. 051117, Account No. 281116393. Please use the payment reference M/Covers with your name.

Petty theft once again rases its ugly head with copper pipe theft. If possible, replace your external copper with plastic piping to avoid the considerable inconvenience that this type of theft causes.

Water wastage. Although we have had our fair share of rainfall recently, it is not enough for home owners to forget that we still have a water shortage in our area. The Municipality has carried out a door to door campaign in all the residential township areas and have requested the ratepayer organisations to pass the water saving message on to their members. Please remember that there are municipal water restrictions in place that should be adhered to.

Dog Owners. We have received several complaints regarding dog excrement, uncontrolled dogs running around town and constant barking. Bushman’s welcomes dogs and their owners but owners must please take responsibility for their dogs. How many times must we, most of whom are dog owners as well, ask dog owners to clean up after their dogs – especially on the beach, in the beach parking areas and around the Village. There is no excuse for it. We are all dog lovers but perhaps the following quote is apt: “I loathe people who keep dogs, they’re cowards who haven’t got the guts to bite people themselves”. (August Strindberg)

Forthcoming Community Events for 2019

May 31st 2019 Month end community braai
June 16th 2019 Father’s day fundraising braai at the Tennis Club (Booking essential)
June 28th 2019 Month end community braai at the Tennis Club, plus 100 club draw
July 26th 2019 Month end community braai at the Tennis Club
Aug 30th 2019 Month end fundraiser at the Tennis Club (Soup, Sherry & Bingo night + 100 Club Prize draw. Booking essential)

Tail end humor

With all the problems with both water and electricity in South Africa, I found this item recently on social media:

“Young attractive female looking for a husband, must have own borehole and generator”. (South Africa)

Don’t go searching for the light at the end of the tunnel…….Eskom has beaten you to it. (Editor)

Did you know that Eskom are giving away a 20 track Music CD to every consumer for being so understanding and patient with their recent and ongoing load shedding problems (Editorial Fake News)

Tracks include: 1. Daughter of Darkness (Artist: Tom Jones) 2, Candle in the wind (Artist: Elton John) 3. Dancing in the dark (Artist: Bruce Springsteen) 4. We’ve got the power (Artist: Third World) 5. Moonlight Serenade (Artist: Glen Miller) 6. All our dark tomorrows (Artist:Bruce Cockburn) 7. Blinded by the light (Artist Manfred Mann) 8. Ray of light (Artist Madonna) 9. You left me in the dark (Artist: Elvis Costello) 10. Coming out of the dark (Artist: Gloria Estefan) 11. Black is Black (Artist: Belle Epoque) 12. Keep it dark (Artist: Genesis) 13. Fear of the dark (Artist: Iron Maiden) 14. When the lights go out (Artist: Five) 15. Darkness is falling (Artist: Boney M) 16. Romance in the dark (Artist: Cindi Lauper) 17. Turn the lights out when you leave (Artist: Elton John) 18. Darkness on the edge of town (Artist: Bruce Springsteen) 19. Throughout the dark months of April and May (Artist: Cocteau Twins. 20. Moonlight becomes you (Artist: Frank Sinatra)

The Last Word

With so much electioneering taking the headlines recently, I thought it might lighten our souls to read a few political classics.

“I have left orders to be awakened at any time in case of national emergency, even if I am in a cabinet meeting.” (Ronald Reagan US President)

The problem with political jokes is that they get elected. (Henry Cate)

Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip. (Winston Churchill)

Lady Astor: “Winston, if I were your wife I’d put poison in your coffee .” Winston Churchill: “Nancy, if I were your husband I’d drink it.” (UK Parliament)


I sincerely hope that you are not reading this by candle light

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