Membership renewal

Please renew your membership if not yet done… we use all the membership fees to maintain our Villages. Payment ref: Name.xxstreet.Subs. Please note that all unidentified amounts paid to BRRAG go towards Village maintenance.

If you wish to support a specific project, kindly indicate so when paying over. See our payment references on our website.

Night Watch

You are reminded that we have a most effective and useful Night Watch Security group that works tirelessly to assist the SAPS, who is totally understaffed, to keep out Villages safe. This past two weeks they had a big job in assisting to curtail the increased crime and break-ins. Members can assist: please join HiTec. In that way your place is armed, and it reduces the risk of damage when the alarm goes off – much less can be carted away in a short period of time than when there is no alarm and thieves can collect items unhindered.

Secondly, the night watch team has continuing expenses that they incur, especially for fuel. Please keep on supporting them in our ringfenced fund with payment reference: name.xxxStreet.NW.

Assistance to underprivileged persons in Klipfontein and Marselle.

There are a few groups who are involved with the collection and distribution of food parcels to those in need, particularly due to the Covid19 pandemic. Individual BRRAG committee members also assisted those in need and living in our community. The BRRAG response to the general distribution call was made known to all the groups:

“Please be advised that BRRAG has not been invited nor contacted by anyone to be involved in a food distribution initiative and had no knowledge thereof prior to Sheila receiving the below email today (2 April), save for Mark Moses telephoning a committee member yesterday.

We have canvassed our members who may possibly have the capacity and means to run with a project like this, ie food collection and distribution or any other project to assist underprivileged persons, particularly those affected by the Covid19 virus, to contact us so that we can consider a way forward.

We have, unfortunately, not received any positive responses from our members. We applaud those who can and are doing so much for the local community. However, BRRAG has neither the resources nor the manpower to become involved in or assist with such a project.”

However, if any member wishes to contribute to the worthy projects, please do so by paying into the BRRAG account and we will on-pay to those groups that work in Klipfontein and Marselle.

Account holder:  BRRAG
Bank:  Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051117 Kenton on Sea, 6190
Account number: 281116393

Thank you to those of you who have already sent donations to the BushBokRiverRock Team.  Every bit helps in this dire situation. Amounts paid to BRRAG will be channeled to the Team

There’s a doggie in the window….

Hallo Lotter, the below insert in the March newsletter (pick up your dog mess, please) caught my eye. There is another real problem with regards to dog owners in the village where people are not keeping their dogs on leashes when outside of their property. It appears to be especially the so-called locals or permanent residents that are guilty, they seem to think they own the place. We also let our dogs loose when on the beach and no other people are in sight, but as soon as others approach, we put them back on their leashes.

These self-importants don’t, and when we talk to them about it it is always the same story, “My dog is not vicious”, or “My dog doesn’t fight”, or similar. That is no excuse. We have a large boerboel/ridgeback cross that is not generally aggressive, but he is very strong, and when these little doggies that run around loose come and bark at him in his face he gets angry, and one day we will not be able to hold on to him, then there will be big trouble. And it is not only these little skoot hondjies that are allowed to run around loose, there also some big dogs roaming up & down the street.

My brother next door has the exact same problem with his bull terrier when taking it for a walk. Maybe you could insert something about this issue in the next newsletter?

Concerned Member.


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