Annual membership fees

Our subscriptions remain the same as the past few years i.e., R 350. In addition, we shall be sending out accounts to current members as a reminder that subs are due for the 2023 year (our year-end is November, annually).

BRRAG 100 Club

The 100 Club, as it is called, is best put in simplistic terms as a monthly donation with a difference, a percentage of the donated money is given back to the participants by way of a bi – monthly draw called “The 100 Club” draw. The remainder of the money goes to the Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation. The monies raised through the 100 Club are used for many varied projects in keeping our local areas clean and tidy and well maintained throughout the year.

  • There are 100 numbers ranging from 01 to 100. (We can create more).
  • Each individual number is allocated to whoever decides to pay the monthly subscription of R50 for a single number (that has not already been taken).
  • Any individual may purchase more than one number e.g. one number for a husband and one for a wife, simply making the monthly donation 2 x R50 = R100 per month.
  • The draw takes place every two months and is drawn at the community month end braais.
  • The winners (if not present at the draw) are notified and their names are published in our own BRRAG newsletters and on our website.
  • There are four main prize winners and one additional prize for attending the month end community braai.
  • As an example: If 40 numbers are allocated, which means 40 tickets have been paid for each month, then the 1st prize winner would receive R800. the 2nd R400 the 3rd R300 4th R200 and the 5th R100
  • If more than 40 tickets are sold, then the prizes increase if less than 40 are sold then the prizes decrease accordingly.
  • You will be able to choose your number or numbers once you have set up your monthly stop order. You will receive confirmation that your number or numbers have been allocated for the next draw.

This is a great way of contributing towards the upkeep of our areas in Bushman’s and adds a little excitement to the participants every second month of the year.

Most members pay a yearly subscription.

Pay your R50 or R100 or more before the 20th of the month as follows:

Standard Bank
Account number: 28-111-639-3
Ref 100 Club.xxStreet.Surname
To obtain/choose a number, please contact Sarel Marais

New committee member

We welcome Rowene Johnston to our committee and hope that you will find lots to do and be kept busy with BRRAG matters. Thank you for making time available for us.

Street numbers of houses

During times of emergency quick response is required which can be lifesaving. House numbering in our village is very inadequate and in many instances it is not done for many houses in a row and in one street. Inadequate house numbering also has a negative effect when business or service persons are looking for your house. NightWatch and Hi-Tech are very dependent on clear numbering of your property. Many people are making use of couriers and often they are driving around not able to deliver their packages.
When you are on a street corner, please ensure that your house number is on the correct street side. Please ensure that your property is clearly numbered either on the building or outside the wall/fence it is in your best interest.

Clean and green team

Heavy seas and storms left the river beach area littered with branches, sea grass, building rubble and plastic.

BRRAG and the SANPark Clean and Green team joined hands to clean the river beach area.

BRRAG also provided equipment to support the Clean and Green team.

We look forward to the Clean and Green team assisting us from time to time to ensure our beaches are kept in a pristine condition for residents and visitors alike.


Continued efforts of SDSG (service Delivery Support Group consisting of BRRAG, KOSRA, Estuary Care and the Kenton Boesmans Chamber of Business and Tourism) as part of the Water Management Committee and Water Technical Task Team (TTT) on which BRRAG is represented plays an important role to ensure water availability for Wards 3&4.
SDSG decided on a collaborative approach rather than confrontation which are yielding positive results.

Interventions which have a positive effect on water provision

  • SDSG wrote three letters to the Minister of Water and Sanitation to explain the importance of intervention
  • Water Management Committee met twice with a powerful delegation of Department of Water and Sanitation, Ndlambe and Amatola to determine areas long and short-term interventions
  • Three boreholes were drilled in the SANPark dune area which will be a source of raw water of the desired quality to the ACRO plant
  • One of the three boreholes was connected during December 2022 for which emergency permission was obtained
  • Leak repairs were done on the Diaz pipeline
  • New Boesmansriviermond water reservoir on the dune was repaired and the old reservoir was decommissioned
  • A Plant Engineer was contracted on a temporary basis to focus on improvement of the ACRO plant with the intervention of SDSG
  • Water leaks are identified and reported to Ndlambe and Amatola with public support and repaired as soon as possible
  • Water was provided by water tankers to communities in Marselle, Ekuphumuleni and Klipfontein as well as water tanks installed
  • Biweekly water TTT meetings are held to discuss water matters and monitor progress made
  • Repairs of vandalized infrastructure – mostly electrical

Short term action to be taken to further improve water provision

  • The additional two boreholes will be operational during the first week of April 2023
  • Bridge pipeline will be replaced after Easter holidays
  • Extension of term of appointment of Plant Engineer
  • Additional repair of the Diaz pipeline
  • Implementation of security measures to protect infrastructure
  • Additional buffer water storage capacity was approved for the ACRO plant
  • Appointment of local contactors and suppliers

Social and Environmental improvement

A Social and Environmental report was provided to Ndlambe and Amatola detailing areas of transgression and improvement sought
Progress was made in some areas;

  • Scrap metal was removed from the SANPark dune area
  • Plastic sheet was removed from the river beach area
  • Road repairs were done in Boesmansriviermond (Ocean View Drive) and on the road to the sea parking areas which was damaged during repairs and construction activities
  • Dangerous and unsightly pipe was buried deeper in the sand at Sea Well 5 and will be removed soon
  • Overflow of seawater from the one megalitre tank was addressed by installing new float switches
  • CIP chemicals are no longer pumped into the river but placed in containers in the plant and removed for safe disposal by a specialist company

South Africa remains a water scarce country and service delivery will take a long time to improve hence our members are advised to become as self-reliant as possible by installing water tanks at home which will help to overcome periods of water cuts and will also save you money over the long-term.


Thank you for the hard work of BRRAG’s workers for cleaning the garden at the entrance to Riversbend. The planting of more plants will soon see the light of day.

Various maintenance tasks were carried out by Ndlambe.

Night watch

On behalf of the Night Watch team members, we wish to thank the Kenton-on-Sea and Boesmansriviermond communities for the donations to our Night Watch fund. Without this fund we could not be able do what we do for you looking after our communities.

Night Watch Neighbourhood Watch is a subcommittee of the Community Police Forum and adhere to the rules and regulations of the SAPS. The working relationship with Kenton-on-Sea SAPS is well respected. The rigorous training that the team have gone through at huge financial cost has paid off. An example of this was the recent fiasco of the national shut down.

The Night Watch team is not only helping in the urban communities we are also involved with the anti-poaching of our Rural communities. We help out with both the game reserves of Kariega Park APU and the Sibuya APU.

Please note that all Night Watch members are all volunteers and give many hours of their time to look after your Neighbourhood. This includes all communities in our area.

Lastly, I wish to thank the dedicated team members for their commitment and dedication to our community.

We are pushing for a communal two-way radio repeater station to be based at the SAPS radio tower. This cost is plus minus R 100 000.00 and includes solar. This will alleviate the poor radio communication because of topography in Kenton-on-Sea and surrounding farming areas.

Your donations to this worthy cause for our operational, personal equipment and infrastructural costs will greatly help as we go along.

Donations can be made to the Bushman’s Ratepayers’ account as they look after our finances for the whole community.

Standard Bank
Acc No: 281116393
Branch Code: 051117
Referenc: N-Watch / your name

Kind Regards
Ferenc Toth
Night Watch Chairman

Did you know?

Have you noticed the beautiful pink clouds that hover around the Bushman’s River Mouth area?

These clouds that add a picturesque feel are a beautiful, natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun is below the horizon, either at sunset or sunrise and its rays illuminate the clouds creating a pink or reddish glow.

The meteorological term for pink clouds is “alpenglow”. The name “alpenglow” comes from the German word “Alpenglühen,” which means “Alpine glow.” It was originally used to describe the reddish glow that appears on the mountain peaks of the Alps in Europe at sunset or sunrise, but the term has since been extended to include any pink or reddish glow that appears in the sky during these times.

Alpenglow creates a stunning and memorable view and is especially striking when sunlight reflects over thin, scattered clouds. It is good to know that this effect is more pronounced when there is less moisture or atmospheric pollution in the air.

Take care and kind regards,
Rowene Johnston

Photograph – Barbara Meiring

Our storeroom and all the tools we must maintain the village. Donations from the community to keep our equipment in good running order will be greatly appreciated. Our fuel bill is high and in need of some assistance!! – Robbie Schroeder.

Our men at work …clearing the entrance road.

Gugu and Julius on a fashion parade…


To have wine on the veranda counts as extramural activity.

The BRRAG team

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