held on Thursday 10th August 2017 at 14h00 at 2 Wit Street, Bushman’s River Mouth

  1. Welcome
    Sheila welcomed all present.
  2. Attendance and Apologies
    In attendance: Sheila, Gerald, Annabelle, Corrie, Dalien, Bill, Jack, Mike.
    Apologies: Boet, John, Kevin and Neville.
  3. Confirmation of Minutes
    The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed as being a true reflection of the proceedings. Proposed for adoption by Jack, seconded by Gerald.
  4. Correspondence
    Correspondence was received from F Fouche with regards to the planning of the mooring sites and the quotation regarding the web page from Tessa.
  5. Chair and legal – Sheila and Boet
    No Ward or War Room meeting was held in the past month. Corrie plans to resign from Ward 3 once a successor could be nominated. There was a discussion as to who from Rivers Bend would be willing to replace Corrie.
  6. Finance – Gerald
    The monthly financial statement was distributed to the committee members, and no exceptions were noted.d.
  7. Fundraising – Jack and John
    Unfortunately the appeal for any used items for our White Elephant stall for the Craft market, which is being held on Saturday the 30th September, has had little or no response at present. So any assistance with this appeal would be appreciated.

    The tennis net from the lower tennis court that had been reported as damaged was removed, repaired, paid for and reinstated all on the same day as the damage was reported.

    The fundraising Soup Sherry and Bingo evening held at the tennis clubhouse was a tremendous success, and those who attended were treated to a wonderful selection of freshly made soups, breads, and a glass or two of Sherry, followed by a few games of prize bingo, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

  8. Membership – Gerald
    Membership numbers have remained the same as last month.
  9. Rivers Bend – Dalien and Kevin
    Some attempts were made by the Municipal Infrastructural Department to catch up on outstanding work. After several requests to the responsible official and his team the problem of the unsightly refuse lying around in Second Avenue was addressed and some road repair work and the clearing of the overgrown verge at the T-junction of 2nd Avenue and Industrial road at last took place.

    The broken manhole grid and unfinished work on a water connection in Coetzer Crescent has been addressed, in writing, to the relevant department of the Municipality. We are waiting for the work to be completed.
    The complaint about the state of IWARS premises is also starting to pay off. A fair attempt at tidying up inside the premises as well as around the “vleiland” took place. A decent wall all around and a gate at their entrance will block out the unsightly inside of the premises. If the funds from Government could be made available, it would mean that IWARS would be able to purchase the equipment needed for the proper processing of the recycle items.

    We are planning to build an aloe garden at the entrance to Rivers Bend. Aloes have been chosen because of climate conditions and stray cattle that wonder around. It would really be appreciated if anybody would donate aloes, fertilizer, and rocks. If you know of someone like a farmer with aloes that would be willing to donate, they will be gladly appreciated. We will welcome physical help and thanks to those who already offered.

  10. Safety and Security – John, Gerald and Sheila

    1. Camera Fund Report – Gerald
      The committee has prepared a constitution, which has been sent out.
    2. Security Report – John
      The Committee member for Security attends the meetings held at the SAPS station Kenton-on-Sea every Thursday morning. The SAPS give feedback of crime incidents for the previous week for their entire area of responsibility. Of particular concern has been the rising number of burglaries and armed robberies in the area.

      In the case of an armed robbery in Riversbend, a family home was broken into and the household members tied up with electrical appliance cords. The house was subsequently ransacked and a number of valuable items were stolen. After the stolen goods were loaded into the family’s motor vehicle, it was stolen using the owners’ keys. The vehicle was found abandoned on the R72, where it ran out of fuel. However, the stolen goods were not found. Again the common trait here was that the house is not linked to the local security. It was only after several hours that the head of the household freed himself and contacted the neighbours, who in turn alerted the security company and SAPS. The long delay in triggering the police response meant the police had very little to go on, but are following up with normal policing action like taking of finger prints and identifying suspects.

      This event again emphasised the need for a quicker and more effective way for the public to alert the police. The matter of using Link had been discussed with individual police members who live in the Bushmans area and they requested that John Wesley brief the station commander, Captain Cannon, on the Link application and MyShout portal. It was subsequently agreed that the Kenton-on-Sea SAPS station would support the use Link as a means of reporting crime incidents and also to use the channels reporting capability to provide the community with feedback on policing activities. BRRAG will assist in setting up the channels for SAPS and train SAPS members on the system. This will be a major enhancement in the provision of security support to the members of the local community.

      It needs to be emphasised that the SAPS are serious in tackling the crime in the area and in safeguarding the members of the community. However, they need the correct support from community members if we are jointly going to succeed in this.

      Since sending out the notice on the BRM Security channel, a number of people signed up and the total membership is now at 44 members. This is a relatively poor response considering the number of BRRAG members, let alone the entire population of the community. In an effort to further publicise the Link channel, a notification was sent out on the WhatsApp BRM Security group. This had some positive effect in that a further two members joined up. With the SAPS buy-in the Link channel will be far superior to the current WhatsApp channel. BRRAG will continue with its drive to get BRRAG members and non-members in the community to join the channel.

      One of the BRM Security members has a high quality drone and has offered his services to assist the security group. The system has limitations in that it only has a HD colour camera. This gives good quality video in daylight, but cannot be used at night. It was used to do a quick check along some of the security fences and yielded satisfactory results. The owner of the drone is looking into acquiring a thermal imaging camera, but that is a long term project.

      The upkeep of the security fences is progressing well. The Addo section firebreak has been cleared and only one large tree branch still needs to be cut of as it interferes with the fence and protrudes in a yard in Umthati Street. The fences along Bushmans Creek, Bushmans Sands and San Estate fences have all been cleared and are all in good condition. Work along the R72 road is still in progress.

    3. Liaison with Hi-Tec
      Liaison going well
    4. Community Police Forum – Bill
      Nothing to report
  11. New Developments and Building Regulations – Bill
    Nothing this month. Jack asked if any further information had been received regarding the development at the end of Alexandra Street adjoining the R72. Sheila stated that nothing had been received from the environmental company responsible for issuing the BID documents.
  12. Estuary Care, River, SAN-parks and Beaches – Bill
    There were two meetings held with the Municipality with regards to the boat moorings. Unfortunately, despite quite a few people being contacted included Eddie Ferreira, none of the boating fraternity attended either meeting. Comments were given to F Fouche, and he will take the matter forward.

    Bevin Gardener kindly donated stainless steel brackets to be used on the jetty, and these have been given to Chester, but no definite date of when the jetty will be replaced has been given.

    The beach car park is now thick with sand washed up from the last storm, and Mike will approach Fanie with regards to trying to clear it. Bill suggested that if the car park is un-restorable that instead people park in the second picnic area nearest the beach and walk to the sea beach.

    Someone is dumping rubbish and building matter at Riversbend near 2nd Ave and below BG’s. Sheila noted that there was also dumping occurring by the Aloe/Main street intersection.r.

  13. Fire fighting – Bill
    A training session has been organised for Monday 14th, there will be 5 Hi-Tec personnel as well as a couple of Bushmans volunteers attending. John had donated and repaired some couplings to the fire trailer hoses. The trailer needs to be sanded down and painted with anti-rust. A volunteer is needed to do this.
  14. Web Site – Annabelle and Sheila
    The quote for the new website was received and the committee agreed to a new web page for BRRAG be undertaken. Included is the ability for Tessa to send out bulk postings to everyone on the database. Costs involved a once off figure of R2500 for the web template, and the monthly fee of R750.00 for the next two years. Gerald requested that the relevant invoices be sent to him. Sheila undertook to arrange this with Tessa.
  15. Newsletter – Annabelle and Sheila
    The newsletter had been held over to June/July, and has been sent out, and the August one is in hand.
  16. Chamber of Business – Annabelle
    Meeting held, but nothing pertaining to Bushmans was discuss
  17. Storm Water and Vlei maintenance and Ablutions – Corrie and Jack
    Nothing to report.
  18. General Village Maintenance – Corrie and Jack
    All general maintenance is up to date. Due to the drought there was no cutting done in the last month. The brickwork at the slipway jetty needs to be repaired. Painting iof the roads where necessary will start within the next couple of weeks
  19. Civil Engineering Matters – Mike
    Mike will check up with SANRAL as to whether they are starting on planning of the road between Port Alfred and Alexandria, bearing in mind it will likely only start in a few years’ time. Jack asked if anything further had been heard about the proposed development at the end of Alexandria Street/Intersection to the R72. No information had been received by anybody on the committee.
  20. Any other business

There being no further business the meeting closed at 17h10.

The next meeting is to be held on the second Thursday 14th September at 4.00 p.m. and preceded by a security meeting. Hi-Tec is to be advised.

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