1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Sheila Swanepoel, Corrie Swanepoel, Bill Northrop, Dalien Pachonick, Ference Toth
Apologies: Kevin Bates and Jack Dell

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 13 July 2019 be approved and the chairman be authorised to sign them.

4. Correspondence

4.1 Correspondence received

4.1.1. A letter from Dr Dennis Laubscher regarding the sanding of the sea car park was forwarded to Kelly Levendal, the environmentalist assisting the Municipality with a dune migration study.
4.1.2. A letter from Dr Dennis Laubscher regarding flood control was forwarded to the municipal manager.
4.1.3. Letter from the section ranger, Woody Cape regarding a SANPARKS open day discussion on a Marine Protected area was receives, but the meeting was postponed.
4.1.4. The committee noted the letter from Loraine Campbell-Loader in response to the email of the chairman.

4.2 Correspondence issues
Nothing to report

4.3 Correspondence to be sent out
A letter of thanks acknowledging the repairs to Hertzog Street and the slip way to be sent to the Municipal Manger and the Deputy Director, Infrastructural Development.

5. Municipal Matters

5.1 Legal issues
The Chair and Vice met with the municipal manager and deputy director infrastructural development where the officials reported that they had met with dr Laubscher and SRK engineers. The plan presented was accepted in principle as a workable solution and they were awaiting a costing estimate of the project where after a decision regarding the funding of the project implementation will be considered. It will have to be seen if the municipality can absorb the costs or whether other funding sources need to be identified and approached. Thereafter the obligatory tender process must be embarked upon. The deputy director undertook to report to BRRAG by 25 September 2019.

5.2 Other municipal matters
No comments were received regarding the application of Erf 15 to relax the building line and none were forwarded to the municipality.

6. Finance

RESOLVED that save for the last month of the financial year, accounts will close on the 25th of every month so that the up to date information is available at the committee meetings. Further resolved to request Andrew to be present at the next committee meeting to discuss the financial statements.
This will require that all documents for accounts purposes be delivered to Andrew about the 23rd of a month and that the bank details be forwarded to him on the morning of the 26th.
Any enquiries by committee members regarding monthly statements should be addressed to the Chair.
RESOLVED that Sheila Swanepoel alone is authorised to open a bank account for BRRAG.

6.1 Income and Expenditure
The income and expenditure statements were noted.

6.2 Budget status
Nothing to report

6.3 Membership
13 members paid membership fees since the membership drive commence.

6.4 Fundraising
The August fundraiser resulted in an amount of R 1200. The 100 club draw was held on 23 August and the next is to be held at the end of October.
The manhole cover appeal brought in close to the amount expended earlier this year.

7. Village maintenance

7.1 Grass cutting and bush clearing
All is under control.

7.2 Roads and street signs
Road painting has commenced.

7.3 Refuse removal
Green refuse dumped by residents on their pavements is still not being collected by the Municipality. Nati to be asked to do a round to collect and remove refuse.

7.4 Other maintenance issues
Nothing to report

8. Village infrastructure

8.1 Ward committee
No meetings have been held. Ference and Dalien undertook to assist with finding a person that can attend Ward meetings on behalf of Riversbend.

8.2 Municipal IDP
Nothing to report

8.3 Ablution blocks
Corrie reported that no new damage / vandalism has been noted.

8.4 Water, sewers and storm water drainage

8.4.1. The pipes at the slipway area are blocked and further investigation and attention are required.
8.4.2. The chair to confirm with Mike White that he serves on the water workshop on behalf of the community.

8.5 Car parks and slipway
A project to pave the River car park can be approved in the new year when additional funds are available. The matter can also be discussed at the AGM.

9. Riversbend

Dalien submitted a report dealing with several issues: Generally, the deputy director for infrastructure has been co-operative and assisting with a number of matters. Further liaison with Mr Rasmeni regarding the stray cattle is required. Further on the positive side is that that recycle yard has, at last, taken steps to improve its premises and the surrounding area. Kevin has also sprayed some of the alien vegetation.

10. Security

Ference furnished a comprehensive report regarding the security situation. The increase in burglaries is of a major concern.
The crime statistics are most concerning. The most damage is done at dwellings that are not connected to the HiTec alarm service.
Ference explained the excellent system that is in place in Boknes and it was decided to promote a similar Crime Watch system in Boesmans / Riversbend. Details will be published in due course.
Ference will furnish a report to Sheila for editing, which will then be included in the next newsletter.

10.1 Liaison with Hi-Tec
The relationship between our night watch group, Hitec and the SAPS is very good, and they are operating well together.

10.2 Security incidents
Incidents have reached a most concerning level and steps to improve our safety will be investigated. These include improved cameras, the Boknes type surveillance and other measures.

10.3 Camera fund
Ference Toth now represents BRRAG on this Forum. RESOLVED that Ference suggests the relocation of the camera at the sea car park so that it also covers the second picnic area where vehicles will be encouraged to park due to the limited space left at the sea car park.

10.4 Security fence maintenance
It was noted that Gideon has resigned as “fence walker” ie clearing of the fence from growth. Decided that Rasputin be employed to perform this function in the future. Further decided that Sheila is to request Flip to quote to do a once off inspection and repair of the fence, which should occur bi-annually.

10.5 Liaison with SAPS
There will be a CPF meeting in Klipfontein on 25 September dealing with traffic awareness. Ference will attempt to attend.

10.6 Liaison with local security groups
Nothing further to report

10.7 December security funds
Decided that the call for December security funds be commenced with the September newsletter. HiTec will be invited to make a presentation to the committee on why they should be afforded the holiday contact in view of their dismal performance in the past. The chair will invite Gerald Schmidt to be present as he is privy to all the facts regarding the HiTec performance in 2017.

11. Fire fighting 

Bill to do a short article for the newsletter regarding the location of the fire fighting trailer.

12. Website

A few permanent articles were added.

13. Newsletter

The next newsletter will be prepared for the end of September.

14. Estuary Care

An employee of Estuary Care is clearing the tow path on two days a week. Andile is also available to assist with other tasks at a daily fee, such as green refuse removal or fence clearance, and committee members should contact Bill a week in advance, should his services be required.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Sheila furnished an overview of the issues discussed at the NRF.

16. Chamber of Business

Nothing to report

17. NPO Report

Nothing to report

18. Any other business

18.1. It was noted that the braai areas in picnic areas are in a bad state. RESOLVED that Corrie will investigate the issue and do basic repairs so that they are aesthetically acceptable but that grids are not supplied.
18.2. It has been noted that a person sought permission from Willem Nel to run a business on the River beach next to the car park. The committee expressed their opposition to it. The chair reported that the municipal manager also indicated that such a practice is undesirable and that he undertook to investigate the matter.

19. Closure and next meeting

Future meeting dates

The meeting closed at 12h15 and the following dates confirmed:
Saturday 28th September at 10h00
Saturday 26th October at 10h00
Saturday 30th November at 10h00
Saturday 14th December at 09h00

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