Greetings from the Community Camera Fund and welcome to our first newsletter of 2021, an update of what is happening behind the scenes and an indication of things to come.

As you know the Community Camera Fund is funded through monthly debit orders or annual invoices by residents of Kenton, Bushmans, Riversbend and Merryhill. These debit orders and annual invoices are collected by Hi-Tec Security on our behalf and these payments are reconciled and transferred to the Camera Fund. We would like to thank all of our residents who contribute to the Camera Fund most sincerely, it is your generosity that enables us to provide this additional and vital level of security in our Community.

Your generous contributions enable the Community Camera Fund to maintain and operate our essential camera network and the funds are used for the following:

  • Installation and maintenance of cameras and the regular cleaning of the camera lenses
  • Replacement of redundant and faulty cameras
  • Assistance in the monitoring of the camera network
  • New cameras to cover strategic areas not previously monitored and flagged as sensitive
  • Telkom tower access rental
  • Wireless and network data management

The net effect of this is that the Camera Fund only just breaks even and in some months actually runs at a loss, which puts additional strain on our limited reserves in the bank.

The Community Camera Fund committee has therefore decided to increase the monthly contributions from R30,00 to R50,00 and the annual contribution from R360,00 to R600,00 as from the 1 April 2021. While this may at first glance seem like an excessive increase it should be noted that the last fee increase was three years ago and we are finding it increasingly difficult to provide this vital service with our existing funding model. We would like you to please consider and accept the increase in the interests of improved security in our community and we encourage you to continue supporting the Community Camera Fund and our efforts to provide a professional, effective and stable surveillance platform for our community.

We also request those residents who do not contribute to please consider doing so in future. The more funds we have available, the more advanced and effective equipment and systems we will be able to install and monitor and your safety is also at the heart of our efforts.

Contributions can be made to the Community Camera Fund:
Bank: Standard Bank, Port Alfred
Account No.: 282 623 485
Reference: Your name, and address (e.g. Andrew Jones, 11 Main Road.)

We have an outstanding record of identifying and recording suspicious activity in our community via our camera network and this has enabled both SAPS and Hi-Tec Security to react quickly and effectively, investigating and making arrests where necessary. All footage is recorded for a period of time and should any resident have been unfortunate enough to be involved in any security incident Hi-Tec will be able to investigate any available surveillance footage if you can supply them with your relevant SAPS case number.

In future we are looking to install National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud (NAVIC) cameras at the entrances to all of our communities, including Bushmans, Marselle, Harmony Park, Kenton on Sea and Ekuphumleni. NAVIC is a South African company and provides the necessary framework for the tracking of suspect vehicles on a national database, part of the NAVIC system. NAVIC sends alerts whenever a vehicle related to any reported crime passes a Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) camera which captures the letters and numbers of the license plate of any vehicle passing by. These LPR cameras are linked to the national grid and qualified SAPS, Hi-Tec and Night Watch personnel will receive any positive notifications via cell phone for reaction and follow up. These cameras are a very effective tool in the fight against crime and can be seen today on many intersections and access roads across the country. This is a costly investment, however, and we urgently need your support in order to make this happen.

Newsflash: multiple murder suspects arrested thanks to LRP cameras

A vehicle registered to a suspect wanted on multiple counts of murder entered Kenton on Sea on 22 February at 12:34 when a LPR camera flagged the suspect’s silver Toyota Camry as a vehicle recorded and wanted by the SAPS in connection with a number of crimes.

As soon as the NAVIC alert was received Hi-Tec Security deployed an armed response team to search the surrounding area for the vehicle in question. The observant officers spotted it almost immediately in the Kenton on Sea central business district and the suspect was arrested with the assistance of the Kenton on Sea SAPS.

We thank our attentive Night Watch members and Hi-Tec armed response officers for a job extremely well done and thank the Kenton on Sea SAPS for their assistance.

  • Please note that this wanted suspect is not linked in any way to the murder at middle beach in Kenton on sea on the 23 December, 2020.

In closing I would like to thank the Community Camera Fund committee for their hard work and dedication and the many hours spent on achieving the goals set out over the past few years. To all of our residents, stay safe, be vigilant and help us keep our community secure.

Yours sincerely
Ferenc Toth

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