Minutes of the Executive Committee of Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation Meeting held on Saturday 14 December 2019 at 09:00 at the Tennis Club Bushman’s River Mouth

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Sheila Swanepoel, Jack Dell, Corrie Swanepoel, Dalien Pachonick and Ference Toth
Apologies: Kevin Bates

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 26 October 2019 be approved and the chairman be authorised to sign them.

4. Correspondence

4.1 Correspondence received
The Coastal MMP application was distributed.

4.1.1. The deputy director will address members at the AGM regarding the progress with the flooding issue.
4.1.2. The chief traffic officer undertook to attend to the illegal signs at Riversbend and Bushman’s.
4.1.3. The complains regarding refuse from Mrs Lynen Basson were noted and a response is to be sent that BRRAG will pass it on to Estuary Care and is willing to assist with the installation of dustbins and sign boards, if donated.

4.2 Correspondence issues

4.2.1. The chief traffic officer was thanked for attending to some of the illegal signboards and encouraged to attend to the remaining illegal ones. He was also requested to ensure that some traffic control is exercised in the villages, but he indicated that he only had two vehicles at his disposal for the whole of Ndlambe.
4.2.2. Shane was invited to discuss the paddle ski business with the committee but did not seek to meet with us.
4.2.3. A complaint regarding the illegal landing of a helicopter on the beach was lodged with the Civil Aviation Authority.
4.2.4. Estuary Care was thanked for arranging the repairs to the stairs and a contribution of R 1500 was approved.

4.3 Correspondence to be sent out

4.3.1. See 4.4 above.
4.3.2. The Municipal Manager is to be invited to the AGM.
4.3.3. A letter to be sent to the Municipality regarding building rubble left at certain erven.

5. Municipal Matters

5.1 Legal issues
See 4.1.1

5.2 Other municipal matters
The question of removal of green refuse should be taken up again.

6. Finance

The AFS were noted and approved.
Due to several appeals having been sent out, the target amount for December guards was reached. Any excess will be ringfenced for next year.

6.1 Income and Expenditure
Bonuses for our staff members were approved in the sums of R1000 and R500, respectively.

6.2 Budget status
Nothing to report.

6.3 Membership
Nothing to report. The chair did contact Glen van der Merwe to ascertain if there has been any success with his membership drive. No response was received.

6.4 Fundraising
Jack reported a good income at the Christmas braai and that a large number of participants will be at the Christmas market. The raffle is selling well.

7. Village maintenance

7.1 Grass cutting and bush clearing
All is on course and under control.

7.2 Roads and street signs
All completed.

7.3 Refuse removal
Sheila, again, cleared loads of green refuse before the holiday period. The Municipality cleared the branches let on the sidewalk at Coral Gardens.

7.4 Other maintenance issues
It was noted that Municipal officials attended to the removal of the sand on the road to the beach carpark.
The braais at the picnic areas were repaired. Ongoing repairs to the beach ablutions due to continuous vandalism were undertaken;

8. Village infrastructure

8.1 Ward committee
No meeting was held.

8.2 Municipal IDP
Nothing to report.

8.3 Ablution blocks
Corrie reported that new damage / vandalism has been attended to.
Sheila is in charge of the daily cleaning persons and all is going well.

8.4 Water, sewers and storm water drainage
Nothing to report.

8.5 Car parks and slipway
Nothing new to report.

9. Riversbend

Municipal officials undertook to attend to the verges of the area in the near future.

10. Security

10.1 Liaison with Hi-Tec
The quote for December guards from HiTec was approved. Sheila and Dalien together with Chris plotted the routes and arranged the contributing houses to be marked.

10.2 Security incidents
Nothing to report save that the Nightwatch team were kept relatively busy.

10.3 Camera fund
Ference reported that camera funds from our area are to be allocated for cameras for our area. The new artificial intelligence system is to be phased in. Particulars are contained in the December newsletter available on the BRRAG website.

10.4 Security fence maintenance
Mike Wells repaired the fence where there was a recent breach. RESOLVED to request Mike to quote to inspect and electrify the entire fence.

10.5 Liaison with SAPS
There is good co-operation by and with the SAPS.

10.6 Liaison with local security groups
Two cellular phones on the BRRAG inventory were donated to the night watch team.
Ference reported that a greater area of Bushman’s, Kenton and Boknes is looking at security co-operation.

10.7 December security funds
See 6 above.

11. Fire fighting 

Nothing new to report.

12. Website

A fee of R550 per month for the maintenance of the BRRAG website, was approved.

13. Newsletter

The newsletter was sent out on 14 December 2019.

14. Estuary Care

Members noted with disappointment that the entire EC committee is from across the River and that BRRAG has not been approached to serve on EC.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Nothing to report.

16. Chamber of Business

Gerald Schmidt agreed to serve on the camber on behalf of BRRAG.

17. NPO Report

The chairman has submitted a report, but one query was received and attended to.

18. Any other business

AGM: Noted that the Municipal Manager and the chair of Estuary Care were invited to our AGM. Jack has arranged the Town hall. Tables will be manned from 08h15. Lotter and Ference will distribute flyers. The 100 Club will be promoted at the AGM. Andrew is to be requested to furnish updated membership lists.

19. Closure and next meeting

The meeting closed at 10h30 and the following date confirmed:
Friday 3 January 2020 at 09h00 at the clubhouse.

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