Minutes of the Executive Committee of Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation Meeting held on 7 December 2021 at 09:00 at 14 Krogscheepers Street Bushman’s River Mouth

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jacques de Wit, Ferenc Toth, Sarel Marais, Dalien Pachonick,
Apologies: Wanda Nezar, Jan Stark, Gibbon Schickerling.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 29 October 2021 be approved, and the chairman be authorised to sign them.

4. Correspondence

  1. Correspondence received / matters arising.
    A response was received that the Department of Health will be looking at the condition of the erf in Scheepers Street where several white appliances are kept.
    The matter is to be followed up.
  2. Correspondence issued.
    A letter was sent to the municipality in relation to the illegal structure at the RB entrance.
    No response was received. The matter is to be followed up.
  3. Correspondence to be sent out / responses.
    See 4.2

5. Municipal Matters

  1. Legal Issues
    A duplicate vehicle registration certificate is still awaited. Jacques will follow up with the appropriate director.
    Water and sewage management: Both these service areas are in dire straits. Jacques is combining forces with KOSRA, Estuary Care, Chamber of Business and others to form a group (The Service Delivery Support Group (SDSG)
    of interested parties that will collaborate with Amatola, Department of Water Affairs and Ndlambe to attempt to secure better service delivery.Roads: Jacques is attempting to get a plan in place, but it is meeting with much laxity on the side of Ndlambe.


    It was noted that that our staff are UIF registered, and contracts will be entered into. RESOLVED that each staff member receives a bonus of R 1 500 in December.
    The Errol Nightingale storage room for the BRRAG equipment has not yet materialised. The goods will be moved as soon as the room is made available.
    We paid a tennis court lease amount to the end of June 2022. No long lease has been received.
    We were paid for the first two months of refuse removal and not again. Lotter to send all the unpaid invoiced to the municipal manager. Jacques to follow up with Fanie Fouche.

6. Finance

  1. Income and expenditure.
    The income / expenses for October and November were approved. The AFS were approved to be sent to Roelof Siegers and SARS.
  2. Ferenc reported that the fire tender is in working condition and housed in the emergency centre. Jacques will investigate an additional fire tender whilst noting that the trailer should be galvanised.
    The new camaras at the ablution block and sea car park were installed.
    The invoice from Chowles to repair / install Christmas lights should be given to the municipality as they pay for the Kenton installations.

7. Village Maintenance

  1. Grass cutting and bush clearing.
    All work is ongoing, and the Village is looking good.
  2. Road markings and street signs
    Road painting has been completed.
  3. Johnny Chowles will check the connection of the Christmas lights.

8. Village Infrastructure

  1. Ward Committee: Nothing to report.
  2. Municipal IDP: Nothing to report but noted that it is very important to give input in this document.
  3. Ablution blocks
    These were and cleaned. The municipality undertook to paint the blocks.
  4. Water, sewers, and storm water drainage
    The SDSG (above) is following up on the water and sewer plants. The huge effort by Jacques was noted and appreciated. The lack of maintenance was the main and major problem. Corrective measures are in the pipeline.
  5. Car parks and slipway
    Ndlambe did open the road to the sea. The new carpark area was prepared, cameras installed, and a dustbin is to be erected.
  6. The sign for Corrie’s beach was obtained and erected by Pete Andrew who is also repairing the benches at the River car park.

9. Riversbend

Nothing additional.

10. Security

  1. Liaison with Hi-Tec
    Nothing to report.
  2. Security incidents
    Nothing to report.
  3. Camera fund
    Nothing to report.
  4. Security fence maintenance
    Nothing to report.
  5. Liaison with SAPS / CPF
    Nothing to report.
  6. Liaison with local security groups
    Ferenc gave an overview of the security situation and reported that all is going as well as can be expected. Crime was on the increase, especially in Kenton.

11. Fire fighting

See above.

12. Website

Nothing to report.

13. Newsletter

Nothing to report.

14. Estuary Care

Jacques will bring the seriousness of the River silting up and becoming a blind mouth, to the attention of EC.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

The NRF are looking into the manner in which Ndlambe is calculating rates.
Members who want to be represented at Ward must write to Director: Corporate Services, Ms Maneli to ensure a seat on the Ward Committee. She must also be advised that ward 3 committee is dysfunctional.

16. Chamber of Business

Nothing new.

17. Any other business

Persons who will be standing for election to the committee: Jacques, Dalien, Ferenc, Sarel, and Wanda. The following persons will also be nominated: Nico van Rensburg, Rickey Raubenheimer, Louis Castelyn, Gibbon Schickerling.

Ferenc to furnish the particulars of residents who are not on our members list. The latter is in serious need of updating. All info to be given to Andrew and our webmaster must receive the email addresses.

18. Closure and next meeting

The next meeting will be held on 27 December 2021 after the AGM.

The meeting closed at 12h00

Dated on 27 December 2021


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