Thanks to all the wonderful owners, residents and holidaymakers who responded to our call to contribute financially to the security holiday project. Every donation, however big or small, was allocated to ring fenced funds for the December security project. We know that economic times are not rosy.


We were able to call for quotes and negotiate a service that will benefit our entire community. Properties of contributors will be marked with paint in the road for easy identification by the guards. We are finalising the service according to our available funds and we hope that we can all have a safe and trouble free Christmas holiday. You will notice the guards from 12 December to 6 January in Boesmans and from 20 December in Riversbend at night. Nevertheless, please take care at all times and keep valuables away from open windows and lock doors.

You will see the guards roaming. If you observe problems with the guards, please telephone me (during reasonable hours as I am also on holiday!!) so that we can resolve any issues. You may also telephone the HiTec call centre as these guards fall under and are directly monitored and controlled by HiTec.
046 648 1032.

Have a safe and happy holiday. See you at the AGM – see our website

Lӧtter Wepener
(Chair: BRRAG executive committee)
and the BRRAG team – we make the difference.

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