We are planning for our usual additional security during the holiday season. Why so early? Because we need to advise the service provider of the number of guards that we will require in good time as they must hire them in and ensure that they are properly trained to comply with the relevant legislation regarding security guards. This cannot happen overnight. We urge members to commence contributing towards the December security fund so that we can assess our resources for the project by the end of October 2022. Please donate generously. We require approximately R 175 000 – R 200 000.

Payment can be made as follows:

BRRAG: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051117
Kenton on Sea
Account Number: 281116393
Reference: Guards.xx.Street.Name.

Please send an email notification to bushmansratepayers@gmail.com to help us identify the correct houses that are contributing towards this protection plan.

Riversbend owners, please encourage neighbours to assist – we have traditionally contracted for fewer guards for a shorter period due to the lack of contributions.

Also note, that the amount above only allows for guards at night (18h00 – 06h00) and a slipway and sea carpark guard during the day. If we receive more than the amount above, daily roving guards can be added.

If you wish to pledge an amount now and pay later that, too, is fine as it will enable us to do the planning well in advance.
Markings will be placed in the street outside the houses that contribute for easy identification by the guards during December.

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