Minutes of the Executive Committee of Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation Meeting held on 27 February 2021 at 1 09:00 at 14 Krogscheepers Street Bushman’s River Mouth

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jack Dell, Sheila Swanepoel, Dalien Pachonick, Jacques de Wit, Jan Stark, Sarel Marais and Ferenc Toth
Jacques proposed that Gibbon Schikerling be co-opted onto the committee and all accepted it. Lӧtter will meet with Wanda Neza and explain the workings of the committee.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 31 December 2020 be approved and the chairman be authorised to sign them.

4. Correspondence

  1. Correspondence received
    The letter from Allen McClean was noted and will be responded to if he becomes a member.
    Letter from Mr & Mrs Wainwright: Lӧtter will respond to the issued raised by them. Sarel will also chat to them.
    EIA house 4 Cycad Street. Members in the vicinity will be made aware of the application.
    Marselle Farm application: the application will be published to all members with some comment by Jacques.
  2. Correspondence issued
    Letters regarding green refuse removal and the gabion wall were sent to the Municipality. No responses were received. It was noted that Vossie undertook to assist with a regular green refuse removal.
    The clearing of the water drainage system was followed up. Committee members confirmed that dredging of the storm water reticulation was undertaken.
    Sewage spillage: the issue of the spillage at the towpath was explained by those involved.
    Resolved that inspections be held at the RB conservancy tank as well as the wastewater treatment plant. Rassie Erasmus is to be requested to assist so that a report can be compiled. Ferenc will ascertain from Nell Potgieter whether the conservancy tank pump had been repaired.
    It was noted that some of the illegal signage at the RB entrance has been removed.
    Noted that Mr Maluleke undertook to properly attend to potholes in our area.
    There was no response from Ndlambe about the serious situation at the gabion wall. We are awaiting a report from Pete Andrews to take this matter further.
  3. Correspondence to be sent out
    The water problem and trucks collecting water in RB is to be taken up with the municipality. Lӧtter will contact Mr Maluleke.
    There was no response to the letter to Amatola. The letter is to be sent to a person in authority.
    Clarity must be obtained regarding the drought levy that is imposed by Ndlambe in Bushman’s.
    Walter Biggs did not respond to the chair’s enquiry about the strip of land that can be put to use for our purposes.
    There are three Eucalyptus trees along Ocean View Drive that are dangerous. Jacques will contact Fanie Fouche for assistance. Sheila will ask Koos Kooij for a quote to fell the trees.
    A letter is to be sent to IWARS regarding the refuse that is collecting in the wetland across the road from its premises.

5. Municipal Matters

  1. Legal Issues
    A duplicate vehicle registration certificate is awaited. Dalien is attending and will ascertain whether we should not resubmit the application. The trailer licence requires renewal. Jack will assist.
  2. Other municipal matters
    Sheila undertook to contact Fanie Fouche to arrange cleaning around the ablution block in the dunes.

6. Finance

  1. Income and expenditure.
    The chair had sent 112 emails to members in Bushman’s who did not renew membership and 48 in RB. There was some positive response.
    The income expenses were noted and approved. The RB portion of available funds is R 14 864
    The following ring-fenced amounts were available at the end of February
    Tennis court fund 8,648
    Container storage fund 9,300
    December security fund – BRM 61 175
    Camera fund 1 000
    Nightwatch control 9 564
    Gugu bonus fund 850
  2. Budget status:
    Stood over.
  3. The question of the acquisition of a fire tender was discussed. Ferenc advised that the tender is still usable, and it was DECIDED that a fundraising drive be embarked upon for the acquisition of a new fire tender.

7. Village Maintenance

  1. Grass cutting and bush clearing
    All attended to.
  2. Road markings and street signs
    Jack has the new sign for the beach area and will affix it in due course.
    Jacques proposed the erection of additional signage. Decided that the wording first be aligned with the municipal by laws and that chief Gordon Kandile then be approached for approval and assistance.
  3. Refuse removal
    The response from the municipal manager regarding green refuse removal is outstanding.
  4. Other maintenance issues
    Ferenc will ask Mike Wells to attend to the breach in the fence and the fence at the bridge needs to be secured with concrete mix at the bottom to avoid persons sliding under the fence.

8. Village Infrastructure

  1. Ward Committee: Nothing to report
  2. Municipal IDP: Nothing to report.
  3. Ablution blocks
    Decided that the cleaning of the ablution blocks be arranged from 1 April to 6 April. Sheila to attend.
  4. Water, sewers, and storm water drainage
    See 4 above.
  5. Car parks and slipway

9. Riversbend

Dalien will liaise with Sheila when the services of Gugulethu are required in RB. Dalien will also advise as to the installation of additional bins in RB.

10. Security

  1. Liaison with Hi-Tec
    Decided that a day and night guard be employed at the slipway over Easter.
  2. Security incidents
    Ferenc reported that crime related incidents in our area were down by more than 20%.
  3. Camera fund
    Ferenc is now the chair of this fund. They are concentrating on number plate recognition cameras linked to a national system. A fundraising drive will be embarked upon as a set of number plate recognition cameras is more than R 40 000.
  4. Security fence maintenance
    See 7.4
  5. Liaison with SAPS / CPF
    Ferenc chairs the CPF and liaison with the SAPS is on a good footing. SAPS support the appointment of a local bylaw enforcement officer and BRRAG will lend its support to attempt to attain this. Such an officer will be able to assist with contraventions in all areas and reduce aggravation of many townsfolk.
  6. Liaison with local security groups

11. Fire fighting

See above.

12. Website

Nothing to report.

13. Newsletter

A newsletter will be sent during March and committee members should forward articles to Lӧtter. The dangers of dog faeces are to be repeated and residents encouraged to carry pick up bags with them.

14. Estuary Care

Nothing to report.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Nothing to report.

16. Chamber of Business

The Chamber enquired about projects that may be requires and was advised that the tennis court is in need of resurfacing and fencing in RB would assist to keep cattle out.

17. NPO Report

Decided that annual registration as NPO be discontinued as it has no value for BRRAG. Our PBO status is the important one and will be kept alive.

18. Any other business

Nothing to report.

19. Closure and next meeting

The next meeting will be held on 6 April 2021.

The meeting closed at 12h00

Dated .


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