Minutes of the Executive Committee of Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation Meeting held on Saturday 3 January 2020 at 09:00 at the Tennis Club Bushman’s River Mouth.

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Sheila Swanepoel, Jack Dell, Corrie Swanepoel.
Apologies: Dalien Pachonick, Ference Toth.
Lӧtter Wepener was elected as chairperson, Sheila Swanepoel as vice and Jack Dell as Treasurer. The portfolios held during 2019 will be held by the same persons during 2020.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 14 December 2019 and the AGM be approved and the chairman be authorised to sign them.

4. Correspondence

4.1 Correspondence received
Nothing new to report

4.2 Correspondence issues

4.2.1. Flooding issue: Mr Maluleke requested to furnish a written report

4.3 Correspondence to be sent out
Sheila will settle a letter of thanks to Fanie Fouche for all his assistance over the holiday period.
The chair to write to Walter Biggs and advise him of the faulty security light at the entrance to the development.

The chair to send a letter Mr Maluleke regarding water outage communications.
The Municipality is to be requested to attend to the beach access road.
Streetlight installation – see 10.4 below.
Towpath – see 14 below.

5. Municipal Matters

5.1 Legal issues
The trailer licence is to be renew asap.
Jack will obtain a copy of the trailer insurance from Andrew Murray.
Jack confirmed that a hawker’s licence was obtained in July 2019, valid for one year.

5.2 Other municipal matters
Nothing new to report

6. Finance

6.1 Income and Expenditure
Awaited and will be distributed.

6.2 AFS
Resolved that the accounting officer’s report for the period 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2019 be approved.

6.3 Budget status
Gerald Schmidt joined the meeting and assisted with the compilation with a budget.

6.4 Membership
A membership drive will be embarked upon during January 2020

6.5 Fundraising
The following programme was accepted:
Forthcoming Community events for January 2020 to December 2020
(May be subject to change)

January 31st 2020 Month end community braai at the tennis club
February 28th Month end community braai at the tennis club plus
December carry over & February 100 club draws
March 27th Month end community braai at the tennis club
April 11th Easter Craft Market at the Bushman’s Town Hall
April 24th Month end community braai at the tennis courts
Plus 100 club draw
May 29th Month end community braai at the tennis club
June 21st Fathers’ day fundraising braai at the tennis club
Plus 100 club draw (Booking essential)
June 26th Month end community braai at the tennis club
July 31st Month end community braai at the tennis club
August 28th Month end fundraising – soup – sherry – bingo –
Night + 100 club draw. (Booking essential)
September 25th Month end community braai at the tennis club
October 30th Halloween special month end braai + 100 club draw
November 27th Night Watch Security members and family braai night
(By invitation only)
December 4th Christmas fundraising Braai at the tennis courts
(Booking essential limited seating available)
December 17th Christmas Craft Market at Bushman’s Town Hall
December 28th BRRAG AGM at the Old Town Hall at 9am

N.B. Any date changes or additional dates will be advised and updated on our
Website and included in our quarterly newsletters

6.6 Bank signatories
RESOLVED that Lӧtter Wepener be appointed as the sole signatory and the BRRAG bank accounts held at Standard Bank with powers to do all that is required to operate the account, including online banking. It was noted that Mr Siegers undertook to submit the AFS to SARS.

7. Village maintenance

7.1 Grass cutting and bush clearing
Nothing new to report

7.2 Road markings and street signs
Nothing new to report

7.3 Refuse removal
Nothing new to report

7.4 Other maintenance issues
It was noted with thanks that the Sprong family had repaired the steps at the boardwalk. Corrie will attend to the loose step.

8. Village infrastructure

8.1 Ward committee
Sheila will be the Busman’s representative. Riversbend is to appoint a representative.

8.2 Municipal IDP
Nothing new to report

8.3 Ablution blocks
RESOLVED that due to the continuous damage caused to the ablution block in the dunes, that it be kept locked during the out of season period.

8.4 Water, sewers and storm water drainage
It was noted that many holidaymakers complained that they received no information about water outages during non-scheduled times. The lack of communication was the main problem. RESOLVED that the chair writes to Mr Maluleke and request to be on the distribution list so that information of all unscheduled outages can be communicated to members / holidaymakers.

8.5 Car parks and slipway
The beach access road needs clearing of sand. RESOLVED that a letter be written to the Municipality for assistance.

9. Riversbend
Nothing new to report

10. Security

10.1 Liaison with Hi-Tec
Nothing new to report

10.2 Security incidents
It was agreed and noted that the December security guard project was extremely effective.

10.3 Camera fund
Nothing new to report

10.4 Security fence maintenance
RESOLVED and noted that Mike Wells will inspect and quote to electrify the entire fence.
Jack Dell reported that Mr Waddell’s donation of security streetlights was discussed with him. RESOLVED that a letter be written to Director Viti and deputy Director Maluleke to request assistance with permission and the installation of the new lights. We will require poles and cabling.

10.5 Liaison with SAPS
Nothing new to report

10.6 Liaison with local security groups
Two further cellular phones on the BRRAG inventory were donated to the night watch team. Noted that Ference was asked to submit an article to appeal for funds towards the camera fund.

10.7 December security funds
RESOLVED that the December guard funds be moved from the income statement to the balance sheet.

11. Fire fighting 

Noted that both Jack and Sheila have keys to the room housing firefighting equipment.

12. Website

A fee of R550 per month for the maintenance of the BRRAG website, was approved.

13. Newsletter

RESOLVED that the next newsletter be planned for distribution during February.

14. Estuary Care

RESOLVED that a letter be sent to the chair of Estuary Care and Dirk Meiring requesting that towpath be attended to.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

The NRF will represent us on the newly formed water JOC. Mike White will be copied with minutes and documents.

16. Chamber of Business

We still need to identify a person to represent BRRAG on the Chamber.

17. NPO Report

The chair will submit the report during January.

18. Any other business

Mr Philip Stucken joined the meeting to discuss the closure of the access road to the towpath. The efforts by members of the BRRAG committee to secure the towpath were explained. Philip is to meet with Mr Maluleke on Monday 6 January and thereafter he will communicate with the chair.

At the request of Philip, it was agreed to raise funds for a “poop scoop” employee during the next December holiday to keep the towpath from the bridge to the carpark clear.

19. Closure and next meeting

The following tentative dates for future meetings were approved.

22 February
13 April
30 May
27 June
1 August
29 August
26 September
31 October
28 November
12 December

The meeting closed at 10h30 and the following date confirmed:
Saturday 22 February 09h00 – clubhouse.



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