Minutes of a meeting of the executive committee of BRRAG held on 14 January 2022 via zoom.

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Jacques de Wit, Sarel Marais, Dalien Pachonick, Gibbon Schickerling, Willie Enright, Ferenc Toth and Robbie Schroeder.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

The minutes of the AGM and 28 December 2021 were approved, and the chairman authorized to sign them.

4. Correspondence

Jacques has taken up the refuse issue in Salie Street and received an undertaking that the collection point will be moved.

A follow up letter regarding the illegal structure at the entrance to RB is to be sent.
A letter requesting a storage area is to be sent to Ndlambe.

5. Legal matters

The tennis court lease renewal is being awaited. Rent has been paid until June 2022.

Robert will attend to the trailer licence and Jacques to the duplicate registration certificate.

It was noted that both staff members signed fixed term contracts for a period of one year, ending December 2022.

All requests for assistance by our employees must be directed to Robbie for planning purposes.

6. Finance

The Financials as at the end of December were noted and approved.
Veronique Jones (Park St) offered toa assist with a membership drive. She will receive the membership lists to work from.

7. Village Maintenance

Robbie is getting the hang of it and preferred the trailer to be parked near him. The policy was re-iterated: paid-up members only may use the trailer, at the usual fee of R150.

8. Riversbend matters

Nothing new to report

9. Village Infrastructure

The offer by Pete Andrew to clean the tennis court was noted and approved in principle. A quote for the job is being awaited – noting that the quote is only for the hire of the machine and the chlorine to be used.

Water Management: Jacques reported on the complicated water management issues which are being dealt with by the SDSG Water (service Deliver Support Group). There are many problems, the most serious being the ineffectiveness of Amatola Water.
The sewer system is dysfunctional, and a report will see the light in due course.

10. Security

Ferenc gave an overview of the December security incidents, save for two incidents on 23 December, one caused by holidaymakers who apologised and the other where the SAPS is seeking the known suspect, no incidents of crime occurred.

11. Firefighting

Jacques is waiting for a galvanised fire tender.

12. Website

Gibbon will be establishing a Facebook page for Brrag.

13. Newsletter

A newsletter will go out after the next meeting, Articles must be forwarded to the chair.

14. Estuary Care

Jacques proposed Sarel as member and it was accepted.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Nothing to report

16. Ward Committee

Nothing to report

17. Chamber

Nothing to report

18. IDP

Nothing to report

19. General

Nothing to report

20. Closure

The next meeting will be held on 11 February 2022.



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