held on Thursday 13th July 2017 at 14h00 at 2 Wit Street, Bushman’s River Mouth

  1. Welcome
    Sheila welcomed all present.
  2. Attendance and Apologies
    In attendance: Sheila, Gerald, Annabelle, Corrie, Dalien, Bill, Jack, John.
    Apologies: Boet, Mike, Kevin and Neville.
  3. Confirmation of Minutes
    The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed as being a true reflection of the proceedings. Proposed for adoption by Bill, seconded by Gerald.
  4. Correspondence
    A request as to whether Erf 299 had a liquor licence was received. The writer was directed to ask at the Municipality. Copper piping was stolen at a house in River Rd, Gerald had replied asking if this had been reported to Hi-Tec and the police for their crime statistics. Gerald requested that the previous Minutes be amended to indicate that he would not respond to the suggestion regarding the closure of the tow path.
  5. Chair and legal – Sheila and Boet
    A War Room meeting was held, but neither Sheila nor Bill was advised. A phone call asking why they were not there was received, so they rushed to the meeting, arriving late. Before they arrived N. Ferreira had asked why nothing was being done to rectify the potential of flooding in the vlei. Sheila explained later that she had managed to get the matter taken as far as Provincial Disaster Management, but that it was now up to the Municipality and Government to continue, BRRAG could not get any further. Justin requested the contact number of Ilse, which Sheila gave him. War room meeting was confirmed to be held every first Tuesday of the month. A community member from Marselle advised the meeting that there is a great deal of crime in Marselle, with most suspects, when challenged, claiming to be under 15 years of age and therefore escape arrest.
  6. Finance – Gerald
    The monthly financial statement was distributed to the committee members, and no exceptions were noted.
  7. Fundraising – Jack and John
    The Fathers Day Lunch brought in R1200.00, and thanks to all the ladies that donated the food was tabled. The soup and bingo evening would be held on the 30th July. Jack requested permission to put up a sign on the tennis court, advising the charge is R30.00 per adult, children under 12 play free. He explained that people were utilizing the tennis courts but not the Honesty Box and the courts would soon be in need of maintenance.
  8. Membership – Gerald
    Membership numbers have remained the same as last month.
  9. Rivers Bend – Dalien and Kevin
    Dalien stated that she would appreciate it if in future the full report be included in the monthly newsletter, irrespective of the length of the report. The reason that she wants the entire report included in the newsletter is so the Rivers Bend residents are kept fully up to date. Quote – “there has been very little if any co-operation from the responsible Municipal officials who were requested on several occasions, in writing, to attend to various items. The apparent reasons are no budget and no transport because of broken down vehicles. Follow up on the above is ongoing, let’s hope with the new financial year that started on the 1st of July that we will see the response that has been promised”. Unquote.Sheila stated that reports for the newsletter would be edited, as the portfolio reports were published, either in full in the Minutes, or as attachments to the Minutes, on the BRRAG web site and it seemed pointless to repeat the information,

    Quote”……..IWARS (the recycling company) premises have become a major problem for the residents of Rivers Bend. Telephone calls to phone IWARS’s advertised phoned number with regards to the state of this premises and surroundings were unsuccessful because of the numbers advertised on their pamphlet are non-existence. Drastic, immediate action needs to be taken to avoid any further pollution of the vlei and the health risk it poses.” Unquote

    Sheila phoned Mark Price during the meeting, with her phone on speaker in order that the committee could hear the conversation. Mark Price advised that as the Government had not paid them the grant for the last 8 months he was unable to do anything and if matters did not progress the project could fail.

    Sheila informed the committee that she had held several meetings with representatives from IWARS to find a solution to the littering challenge over the previous three or four months, all to no avail. Bill stated that he had on several occasions cleaned up the plastic which is blowing into the river, with the assistance of Estuary Care and BRRAG labour.

    Several incidents of house breaking were reported recently. We ourselves are responsible for the safety of our homes and family, all within our means, let’s adhere to it. See 10.2.
    More grass cutting and trimming of the trees will continue soon.

    Dalien said, quote ”that it’s nice to be able to welcome new permanent residents as well as temporary residents. Let’s hope the temporary residents soon become permanent. We wish them well in their culinary endeavours”. Unquote.

  10. Safety and Security – John, Gerald and Sheila

    1. Camera Fund Report – Gerald
      The committee was to take over the financial aspect of this fund, and a new account would be opened with Standard Bank, with two signatories. It was firmly felt that businesses should pay more than householders towards the fund.
    2. Security Report – John
      June and early July saw a number of serious crimes including 2 cases of armed robbery. A common thread is that in both cases the alarm system had not been armed at night while the occupants were in the house, creating an opportunity for perpetrators to enter the premises with force without the notice of the armed response. All community members are again reminded to take basic safety precautions such as keeping doors locked and the alarm system armed, especially after dark.
      A meeting was called by SAPS members involved in community policing to discuss how community members can voluntary support policing actions in the immediate follow-up of a reported crime. The main support required is additional “eyes on the ground” to monitor key points surrounding the area of the crime scene and to report any suspicious movement of persons or vehicles to the police members running the operation. The volunteers are not to engage with suspects unless they come under direct personal threat by suspects.
      All community members can assist by reporting actuals crime incidents or suspicious behaviour in an orderly manner. BRRAG has been working with the Hi Tec security and the SAPS in setting up a system for reporting security issues using the Link app from Vodacom. This app largely automates reporting of crime incidents and other emergencies, allowing for a quicker and more coordinated response. It was agreed BRRAG could help SAPS by donating a computer laptop with internet access. A separate notice on this initiative will be circulated shortly to all BRRAG members.
      The person contracted for the upkeep of the perimeter security fences under BRRAG control has, with the help of his brother, made good progress on clearing away all vegetation interfering with the fences ensuring that electric and other security fences are functioning in their intended way. They are sound and not broken down as had been claimed in a WatsApp message.
    3. Liaison with Hi-Tec
      Liaison going well
    4. Community Police Forum – Bill
      Nothing to report
  11. New Developments and Building Regulations – Bill
    Nothing this month.
  12. Estuary Care, River, SAN-parks and Beaches – Bill
    Chester has not yet replied as to when the jetty will be repaired. Signs at the slipway have been damaged, either by vandalism or storm damage. The beach car park is now covered in sand, and the problem will have to be tabled for discussion at the AGM.There is no news regarding the mooring sites on the river.
  13. Fire fighting – Bill
    Kenton has now bought a trailer with a 500l tank. There was a fire near the R72 that was put out by Hi-Tec, using the BRRAG trailer. Hi-Tec wants their personnel to receive fire-fighting training; Bill will contact the Fire Chief in this matter. It was agreed that after training Hi-Tec can use the trailer, ideally with a Bushmans volunteer supervising. The agreement with the Fire Department was that the volunteers need not go out to fires unless they are requested by the Ndlambe Fire Department to assist.No further communication has been received on the equipping of the new Disaster Centre on the R72.
  14. Web Site – Annabelle and Sheila
    The original website is so old that it is starting to give problems, a meeting with Tessa would be arranged and a proposal for the update of the web page submitted for discussion.
  15. Newsletter – Annabelle and Sheila
    The newsletter had been held over to June/July, and has been sent out
  16. Chamber of Business – Annabelle
    No meeting held.
  17. Storm Water and Vlei maintenance and Ablutions – Corrie and Jack
    Certain people had been advised to changes or cancellations to their household policies due to the flooding problem, see 5
  18. General Village Maintenance – Corrie and Jack
    Staff, under control of Community Protection Services, has been working on the Dune ablution block, doing necessary repairs. Due to the river cutting the bank, the ablution block is becoming dangerously close to the river when in flood. All general maintenance is up to date. Frequent vandalism is being experienced at the ablution blocks.
  19. Civil Engineering Matters – Mike
    All general maintenance is up to date. Frequent vandalism is being experienced around the village, especially at the ablution blocks.
  20. Any other business
    After the last storm signs had been washed away at the river and beach. Bill will look for any to be found, and might also need to replace some of the posts that have been damaged.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 17h30.

The next meeting is to be held on the second Thursday, 10th August at 4.00 p.m. and preceded by a security meeting. Hi-Tec is to be advised.

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