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Welcome to our third Newsletter of 2019

With all the hubbub of the Elections and Eskom nights far behind us (we hope), it was time to get back to our routines and enjoy our life in Bushman’s. So today I walked the beach with my wife, the sun was shining and there was a warm but gentle breeze, the sea was calm, and the temperature pleasant enough that children were frolicking in the surf enjoying themselves, while their parents looked on contentedly. We encountered holiday makers and locals alike, all smiling and just happy to be out and about. It was only then that we were told by our friends that it was actually mid- winters day, “really” I replied.

Oh the joy of living in this beautiful place still astounds me every day.

Desperate appeal

Dear BRRAG members

We have spent in excess of R50 000 on replacing rusted and dangerous manhole covers in Boesmans and Rivers Bend during the past few months. There are a few more to be attended to in the interests of safety of all residents and holiday makers.

Due to the unbudgeted expense we must cut back on general maintenance – a sad state of affairs for our village. Secondly because our funds are lower than usual, our upkeep of potholes and the painting of street signs (humps) are suffering.

Please dig into your pockets and assist us to complete this project. Any income will be ringfenced and allocated to the project supported by you. Donations can be made to our usual bank account:

  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Branch Code: 051117 Kenton on Sea
  • Account No: 281116393
  • Payment reference: your surname/roads

Your kind assistance will be utilised for a good cause and is much appreciated.

Please see our website for info on all our projects.

Kind regards
Lӧtter Wepener

Community Fundraising Report

Our Father’s day fundraiser went off extremely well and the weather was perfect. We raised much needed funds for our community and we thank those who attended and those that contributed the food which made the day go so well. We cherish your loyal support and, for those who have yet to experience our fundraising braais all I can say is come and enjoy, and be part of it all. We would love to welcome you.

Seasonal Security Report

Portfolio – Ference Toth General Crime has been kept to a low over recent months with only one serious crime reported in Bushman’s River Mouth and communications between Hi-Tec Security and SAPS have both been very good.

Community General Information


Gerald Schmidt retired from the committee earlier this year in order to pursue activities that do not allow for him to continue as our treasurer. We are grateful that we had the services of an expert in the field to look after our financial affairs. Gerald performed a sterling job for several years. He is not completely lost to the community and we will see you around at our functions, Gerald. We wish that you and Theresa will have a good “retirement” period in Boesmans. Go well. Thank you also to John Wesley and Mike White for giving your time and efforts to BRRAG during the past years. We hope that you will be around to assist again in the future.

Changes to Committee

The BRRAG executive committee has had a few bumps but pulled everything together towards the end of May. We have seen some resignations from the committee and have vacancies. Please make yourself available to serve if you have any time on your hands. It is important that we keep our Village in the good condition that it is. The committee elected Lötter Wepener as Chair and Sheila Swanepoel remains the vice. A bookkeeper was appointed to fulfil the bookkeeping tasks and the other functions usually attended to by Gerald were distributed among committee members. We have also received offers of assistance at the BRRAG markets and for green refuse removal. Please, pancake bakers and those members who can assist to tow our trailer and remove green refuse, come forward and lend us a hand. Even if you are not available to serve on the committee, let us know if we can call upon you to assist with other tasks. We intend to remain loyal to our motto: We make the difference.

Boat Mooring in Boesmans Estuary – be warned!!

Willem Nel, the Ndlambe Community Protection Services Law Enforcement Officer advised us as follows:

  1. The renewal period for a buoy license runs exactly the same as for boat licenses. 1st July and expiring 30th June the following year. This twelve-month period is in line with the Municipal financial year.
  2. He specifically requested that we ask every affected party to ensure that your buoy is clearly marked with permanent marking to ensure that it is easily identifiable by the authorities.
  3. He further indicated that even if a buoy license has been purchased but the buoy is not marked, and its owner cannot be identified, it will be removed.
  4. The matter is out of our hands and all queries should be address to the law enforcement officer who is also the Municipal Environmental Liaison Officer, Mr Willem Nel, with contact details, 046 604 5500 or 082 388 4600.

Beach Car Park June 2019

This was our beach car park as of June 2019 – Getting narrower by every week that passes.

Forthcoming Community Events for July – September 2019

  • July 26th Month end community braai at the Tennis Club
  • Aug 30th Month end community fund raising Soup, Sherry, and bingo night
  • Sep 27th Month end community braai at the Tennis Club

Tail end humor

With the Cricket World Cup well under way I thought this Little Known Fact might be of interest to the cricket enthusiast amongst you.

  • The first testicular guard was used in 1874.
  • And the first helmet was used in 1974.

It took 100 years for men to realise that the brain is also important.


The Last Word

“Bring me a bullet-proof vest.” — James W. Rodgers, convicted murderer (when asked if he had a last request before dying by firing squad)

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