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Many years ago in the 1950’s there was a Sci-Fi movie called The Day The Earth Stood Still and the reason I remembered this particular movie was that it was eerily like the effect that Covid 19 has had upon us all over the past months. One moment we were looking forward to the Easter festivities and the arrival of families and friends coming to join us for the holiday break and then suddenly all of our lives were put on hold.

It’s been a difficult time for us all, some more so than others, but it has also bought out the best in many of us too, and when the going gets tough the tough get going, and they did, and in a short period of time we began to see what could be done by locally motivated people when the need of others in lesser circumstances, which arose from this Covid 19 pandemic, became apparent and the need to provide food parcels to our local locations became paramount.

There were many people and local business involved; not just with the raising of funds, but with logistical organisation and distribution of these food parcels, which were delivered over several weeks late into the night in a well organised and safe and secure manner. There were too many people involved to name individually but as a collective they all thoroughly deserve a big hand for giving up their time in this way and for serving our local communities.

But with that said we are still nowhere near back to normality in Bushman’s, although we have now re-commenced our Village maintenance works, now that we are allowed to again, and the Village is looking all the better for it.

Normality of life, we hope, will return to Bushman’s in the near future and that once again we will meet and greet our families and friends and enjoy each other’s company over a braai and sundowners.

Keep safe keep well

A note from Ference

You must have serious cabin fever up there in the big smoke by now, and I am sure you are itching to get down here. I trust you are all healthy and still sane with all this nonsense going on.

The rate of infections is now on the gallop. Our area is very soon going to be affected inevitably, but at this stage all under control. The Humansdorp hospital is now closed due to staff infections. The whole area Humansdorp, Patensie, Hankey, Jefferies, Cape St Francis, and Gamtoos Valley are under huge threat of Covid – 19. The cases in Port Alfred and Alexandria are on the rise daily. Not too much in our immediate area at this stage. Captain Tommie Parkenson has confirmed that the biggest problem is people attending funerals that are spreading the virus. Also, our cold weather is not helping to contain this virus. Unfortunately, this virus is going to be around for at least another three to four months based on weather alone.

The CPF’s are working round the clock to contain people and stopping people from moving around that have Covid – 19. We are going to have to prepare ourselves for the same eventuality.

Please could I ask you for a plea again for our Night Watch Team for some more funding in preparation for this and other security related equipment of which is an ongoing process. We also need to purchase some PPE’s for ourselves. Pay into the usual BRRAG account (se website) reference: NW.Street.Address.Surname.

On the security front we had some serious incidents in our area over the last 2 months. Our team has been involved in some arrests and that have had a positive outcome. Our team has deployed on many occasions with no resolve out for long hours. It is always gratifying when there is a positive when completing some arrests. Our crime rate drops just to the peripherals of our Village to the industrial area unfortunately. We have adopted plans for this contingency for going forward. To round off our Nightwatch team now consists of 27 members at full strength for Bushman’s and Riversbend alone.

From our Riversbend team

What a dramatic global change since our last newsletter.

Covid-19 has changed the lives of every single individual on mother earth.

Despite all the bad, there were and are the exceptional good from it.

The food parcel initiative of BushBokRiverRock drive was possible with the financial support from near and far, the physical hard work and not to mention the administration that went into this in conjunction with our local Spar in Kenton on Sea – an absolute runaway success.

Therefore, to all involved, a big applause and thank you!

Once the lockdown moved to level 3 the municipality, specially our local Infrastructure department, with great effort, slowly started to function again.  Unfortunately, thus far with no great success.

Neither the verges nor the maintenance that some of the streets require were finished off properly. Ongoing communication is unfortunately not very successful.

Thank you to the residents who paid their membership fee of R350 for the year.  That said, new street signs where necessary and are in process of manufacturing and may be even erected by the time you read about it.

If possible, we would like to have some irresponsible and illegal dumping of garden refuse removed as well. This cannot be done without funds.

To those who have not paid yet, it is not too late, please find the bank details on BRRAG’s website.

Stay safe, healthy, and warm, as it seems winter has arrived in all its glory.

Ference and Dalien.

100 Club Prize draw winners for the following draws:

March & April 2020
1st Prize Theresa Schmidt R 430
2nd Prize Mike White R 260
3rd Prize Shelia Swanepoel R 210
May & June 2020
1st Prize Gerald Schmidt R 430
2nd Prize Jean Pierre Du Toit R 260
3rd Prize Helen Kannegiesser R 210

Tennis Court

We are most thankful to members of our community who assist with the maintenance of our Village. Thanks to the guys who attended to the tennis court. Please remember, BRRAG has a lease agreement for the courts and we pay rent to the municipality for its use. Any financial contributions towards the rent or upkeep should please be made to BRRAG – see our website for tennis court payment contribution particulars.


Ndlambe service delivery

Ndlambe Municipality has also been affected by the pandemic and has put steps in place to deal with problems.

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