Protection of personal information act

The Protection of Personal Information Act, No.2 of 2013 (POPIA) is effective as of 1 July 2021, which formalizes the way all South African Companies and other entities need to go about collecting, processing, storing, sharing and maintaining personal information.

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For all matters relating to the POPI Act please contact our information officer:

Wanda Nezar:

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June Draw

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BRRAG at work

The ablution block at the Bushman’s beach entrance was demolished by the Municipality more than a decade ago. Remains of the demolished Municipal ablution blocks left behind were an eyesore for many years at the entrance of our pristine beach.

Thank you to Cassie & Johan Richards and the team from Paljas Enterprises building contractors who removed the concrete slabs, pipes, pillars, pieces of asbestos roofing and loose rubble during May.

The entrance to our beach looks so much better.

Some of the brick walls were purposely left in place to stabilize the dune and will be removed if it breaks up or becomes unstable.





Pruning trees and shrubs and repairing fences 

A little help with potholes from our municipal workers

Gugu and Julius fixing a hole in the gate to the water tanks.

Build It supports community projects

BRRAG utilized soil and fine building rubble which became available at the new premises for Build It in Riversbend.

The material was put to use for the benefit of the community by filling the shoulder of the road at the entrance to Bushman’s. Some was also used in the Village to fill holes.

Thank you to Andre and Wouter of Build It for the filling material and contribution towards transport and filling of the holes.

Congratulations on the new improved Build It branch which will benefit the greater community.

We wish you all the best!

Zet transport of Marselle and team did a great job with the BRRAG guys, Guggu and Julius, to get the job done!

Community involvement

Community involvement is becoming increasingly important to maintain and improve our towns.

Residents must take control and participate to ensure that standards are maintained, and our investments are protected.

Fortunately, our community is becoming increasingly involved with excellent results.

Some of the community involvement during June.

The second road to the beach parking was very badly eroded and left deep puddles of water when it rained close to the entrance, which made it difficult for normal vehicles to utilize the parking.

Noks from Bushman’s Creek offered his assistance to load and transport soil which became available in Bushman’s. The road was filled, and the entrance is now much improved and more accessible.

The portion of Pienaar Road leading to the water storage tanks was very badly eroded with deep holes caused by rain and soil erosion and from the constant traffic to the water tanks by the service providers.

David Walker filled the holes with soil and building rubble leaving the road in a much improved condition.

You can make a difference

You can offer your services to assist with any tasks, please send your details to BRRAG.

All help is welcome some examples how you can help:

  • Take the BRRAG trailer so that our guys, Gugu and Julius, can load green refuse and assit to remove to the green refuse dump.
  • Report water leaks.
  • Report suspicious behaviour and incidents.
  • Collect and discard plastic, bottle tops, cigarette butts, fishing line etc, when you walk in the Village or on the beaches.
  • Membership of BRRAG and your annual contribution of R350 are very important to strengthen our community forum. Please encourage community members who are not members of BRRAG to join.
  • BRRAG also requires more committee members. Please contact BRRAG if you want to become involved.
  • Contribute to the camera fund so that more areas can be monitored – see our website under “bank details”.
  • Report illegal dumping of rubble and refuse
  • Ensure your septic tank connections are in a good condition
  • Report street lights which is not working with street and number as well as the pole number to BRRAG
  • Utilize rainwater to supplement municipal water especially in high season, this will also ensure minimum inconvenience to you and your family
  • Adhere to the bylaws to ensure a pleasurable experience to all residents and visitors


Correct sewerage pump connection

In the recent months, several difficulties were experienced with the pumping of conservancy tanks.

One of the main challenges experienced is that when the pumping process starts to empty the conservancy tank, and the process have to be stopped for example the tanker may be full, spillage may occur since the conservancy tank cannot be closed.

To prevent spillage a valve should be installed at the coupling as indicated in the picture below.

A valve is especially important where the conservancy tank is higher than the coupling point as for many of the properties adjacent to the river.

It is recommended that owners, when installing new conservancy tanks or making changes, install a valve and inspect and determine if a valve should be installed at your property to prevent spillage.

Cigarette butts are often discarded in an irresponsible manner.

These cigarette butts end up in rivers, streams and eventually in lakes and the sea.

Fish mistakenly eat these butts, confusing it with food.

The butts cannot be digested and lead to the death of the unsuspecting fish.

The picture shows an example and speaks a thousand words.


The wetland in Riversbend was recently cleared of debris and about 20 one-ton bags of refuse were collected and removed – also and old boat was found to be dumped there!! We hope that this area will again become the breeding place for the birds that used to be there. Thanks to Ken Bern for co-ordinating the project to which BRRAG contributed financially.

We wish all members and your families a safe and healthy time and hope that we can all look forward to a great holiday at the sea.


Lötter and the Team

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