Tennis court renewal

Thank you to one and all for your contributions to the tennis court fund. We were able to upgrade the one court and hope to do the other one before December.

BRRAG 100 Club

The 100 Club, as it is called, is best put in simplistic terms as a monthly donation with a difference, a percentage of the donated money is given back to the participants by way of a bi – monthly draw called “The 100 Club” draw. The remainder of the money goes to the Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation. The monies raised through the 100 Club are used for many varied projects in keeping our local areas clean and tidy and well maintained throughout the year.

  • There are 100 numbers ranging from 01 to 100. (We can create more).
  • Each individual number is allocated to whoever decides to pay the monthly subscription of R50 for a single number (that has not already been taken).
  • Any individual may purchase more than one number e.g. one number for a husband and one for a wife, simply making the monthly donation 2 x R50 = R100 per month.
  • The draw takes place every two months and is drawn at the community month end braais.
  • The winners (if not present at the draw) are notified and their names are published in our own BRRAG newsletters and on our website.
  • There are three prizes.
  • As an example: If 40 numbers are allocated, which means 40 tickets have been paid for each month, then the 1st prize winner would receive R800. the 2nd R400 the 3rd R300 4th R200 and the 5th R100
  • If more than 40 tickets are sold, then the prizes increase if less than 40 are sold then the prizes decrease accordingly.
  • You will be able to choose your number or numbers once you have set up your monthly stop order. You will receive confirmation that your number or numbers have been allocated for the next draw.

This is a great way of contributing towards the upkeep of our areas in Bushman’s and adds a little excitement for the participants every second month of the year.

Most members pay a yearly subscription.

Pay your R50 or R100 or more before the 20th of the month as follows:

Standard Bank
Account number: 28-111-639-3
Ref 100 Club.xxStreet.Surname
To obtain/choose a number, please contact Sarel Marais

Result of last draw
Congratulations to our April winners:
1st prize Delia Enright R 850
2nd prize Steven Beangstrom R 675
3rd prize Peter Campbell R 425

New committee member

We welcome Michael Vermooten to our committee and hope that you will find lots to do and be kept busy with BRRAG matters. Thank you for making time available for us.

Committee members Michael and Jacques putting up new notice boards.


Riversbend’s less frequent resident, Mr. Bobbejaan Kees, recently made his appearance again and pays frequent visits to 3rd Avenue.

The bird’s view he has from the various rooftops keeps everyone on their toes. Residents not too hospitable so they expect him to hopefully cut his visit short.

Did you know?

The Prickly pear (Opuntia stricta) or African fig, is a native plant to the Eastern Cape. Typically oval shaped, it produces sweet, juicy, fruit filled with numerous edible seeds.

While native to our area, it has become an evasive species in many parts of the region which has led to ecological imbalances. The Cochineal insect (Dactylopius coccus) was introduced to control the rapid spread of prickly pear.

Have you noticed a white substance on the Prickly pear leaf/pad?

The female cochineal insects attach themselves to the cactus pads and secrete a white, waxy substance to form a protective scale around their bodies. These scales appear as white spots on the Prickly pear.

Cochineal insects are natural predators of Prickly pear and feed on the sap of the cactus, ultimately weakening and controlling its growth. These insects have had some success in reducing the prickly pear populations.

The good news is that you can still eat Prickly pear fruit even if it is infested by cochineal insects. The presence of cochineal insects on a Prickly pear does not pose any health risks to humans.



Gugu and Julius repairing roads



The BRRAG team

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