Emergency numbers

Printable list for “Who to call in an emergency” compiled by Coastal Kindness. Click here to download.


Water supply in our area is limited due to a number of factors. For information on our water supply situation, please click here.

Membership fees

You are encouraged to pay your 2022 annual membership fees of R350 (or any amount more than this would be greatly appreciated). Please do payment electronically as we do not have the facilities to receive cash at the AGM. Please notify us of your membership subscription when making payment. All fees received are put to good use in maintaining the Village. Reference: Subs.xxStreet.Surname


The AGM will be held at the tennis courts. Please bring a chair or blanket along, as well as a MASK.
27 DECEMBER 2021 at 09h00.
We also pass a hat to collect Christmas donations for our two staff members, Gugulethu and Julius.

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