Welcome to Boesmansriviermond. We trust that all residents and visitors will experience a wonderful season and a wind free holiday. We wish our members and families a Merry and Blessed Christmas, as well as our best wishes for Hanukkah to our Jewish friends.

We hope that 2021 will be prosperous (and Covid free) for you and your family.

Spring colours along River Road


We are planning our AGM for 28 December 2020 at 09h00 at the tennis court area. Please bring a chair, some money, and a mask. Our annual membership subscription remains the nominal amount of R 350.


You are urged to make yourself available to serve our community. There are 9 open spaces for committee members – see attached nomination form. These can be returned to bushmansratepayers@gmail.com Don’t just talk about it – act now and become involved! Click here.


Thank you to all the contributors to this initiative. The contributions increased nicely after our last request. Riversbend is still very shy! Please contribute. We have arranged guards to patrol our towns over the holiday period. Please be courteous to them and report any problems to Lötter (0825524714). I will pass it on to the responsible persons at Hi-Tec.

BRRAG appeals to all residents, owners, and holidaymakers to make donations once again towards this worthy project, if you have not done so yet. Agents kindly furnish the appeal to all your tenants.

Deposit your donation into the following bank account:

Account name: BRRAG
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051117 Kenton on Sea
Account Number: 281116393
Reference: Guards.xxStreet/Surname.


Measured against the erratic water supply during 2019 and again 2020, we expect water delivery problems during the holiday period. We do have contact with the authorities and shall be happy to pass on difficulties to them and get some action!


We have employed a beach cleaner who will also attend to the ablution block at the slipway. Unfortunately, the ablution block closer to the sea has been vandalised and we did not have the means to get it in order. Calls to municipal officials for assistance received the usual response. Deadly silence.

Please note that the Municipality does not remove green refuse. If you break it up and place into a refuse bag, they will take it with the rest of your refuse. Normal refuse removal times for Riversbend are on Mondays. Boesmans days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, depending on the area.


Every year we see municipal refuse removal employees calling for Christmas donations.

There are often rival groups, and even bogus groups eliciting donations. Please check the document which is presented to you – it must have the BRRAG logo (the Volo) as well as our NPO and PBO numbers.

All pages are numbered 1/10, 2/10, etc up to 10/10. See sample.


The problem of people leaving green refuse outside residences remains huge. The municipality only removes refuse that is placed in refuse bags and not garden refuse left on sidewalks. We have had an in-depth discussion with the municipal manager about this and he undertook to investigate the matter and to attempt to re-introduce a green ruse removal service. When, and if, this will happen, is, of course, another matter. In the meantime, we ask the few inconsiderate residents not to leave your rubbish lying around as there is no one to take it away.


The BRRAG trailer is also for hire – phone Jack 0798292698.


Mr Willem Nel, the Ndlambe Environmental Law Officer advised as follows.

Boat licences are due and have been since the 1st July 2020 for the new financial year 2020-2021.
The licenses are available at the Ndlambe Kenton Finance office and for the interim, the Environmental Compliance Office in Port Alfred.

Please tell or get the word out that the licence must be placed on the port side of the boats i.e. if you sit in your boat facing forward, on your left-hand side, and clearly visible for inspection when passing by.
Renewal of buoy applications run concurrently with the boat licences, i.e. the same period, 1st July to 30th June annually.

If you wish to not renew your buoy permit, please inform Mr Nel, and remove your buoy/anchor and chain immediately. There are other boaters who requested a place for their boats, especially in the Bushman’s River.

If buoy licences are not renewed, they are illegal by the end of September 2020, they will be removed and handed in at SAPS KOS. This applies to all buoys and in any or all rivers/estuaries. Further, please ensure that your buoy is clearly marked with the buoy number provided. If the buoy number is not visible, the buoy will be taken as illegal.

Environmental Law Officer (Environmental Compliance)
Ph: 046 604 5602 – Direct line
Ph: 046 604 5527 – Admin office
Cell: 082 388 4600



Our Nightwatch group is an extremely active and vigilant group of people. They consist of residents from all over who give time and energy to keep our town safe. Some of our residents and members of BRRAG, serve on this independent security group. BRRAG supports them to the hilt and receives funds and pays expenses for the NW group. Please read their newsletter. Click here.

Our committee member, Ferenc Toth, who drives this initiative, is also the chair of the local camera fund. This too, is an important security initiative deserving of our attention and support. Please support the Camera Fund. See the newsletter by clicking here.

Community Police Forum

Our local CPF under the command of the Kenton station commander, captain Tommy Parkinsen, is also functioning extremely well. Both Ferenc and Patrick Miller serve on this Forum. 


Access to the sea along the usual road has become severely curtailed. The camera and guard will consequently be placed in the carpark just off the road, towards the River. There will be a sign indicating the parking area.


The winners of the 100 club draw were as follows:

  1. 1st  Place – Roy Somers – R450
  2. 2nd Place – Jean Chalmers – R270
  3. 3rd Place – Cherie White – R230

Letters received

Friends, the least we can do is to support the December guard project irrespective of the amount you can afford.  It is for our own advantage and safety. The fact that it is faithfully arranged and managed by willing people who take all the trouble, and do not receive one cent for their unselfish service to their co-Boesmans lovers, places a responsibility on us. Bushman’s people, their ancestors, and descendants have never been afraid to pull together. We all deserve a pleasant rest after a challenging year. Drive safely and we look forward seeing you all.

Koeloe Landman

Tail End Humour

Can anyone even remember what we used to talk about before Coronavirus!

The side effects of quarantine were that it was extremely hard to end phone calls. Twice I almost said, “Okay I have to run now” before realising there was nowhere to run to.

And let’s not forget that Rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband, so let’s think positively here.

Christmas Humour for Adults and kiddies

How is Christmas just like your job. Well you do all the work and some fat guy in a suit gets all the credit

What happened to the thief who stole an advent calendar? The judge gave him twenty-five days.

What do you call an Elf wearing earmuffs? Anything you like, he will not hear you.

What do you get when you cross a duck with Santa? A Christmas quacker!


Have a wonderful holiday in the best place in the world: Boesmansriviermond.

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