Minutes of the Executive Committee of Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation Meeting held on Friday 2 October 2020
at 10:00 at 21 Smuts Street Bushman’s River Mouth.

1. Welcome

Lӧtter Wepener welcomed those present.

2. Attendance register and apologies

In attendance: Lӧtter Wepener, Sheila Swanepoel, Jack Dell, Corrie Swanepoel, Dalien Pachonick, Ference Toth.

3. Confirmation of previous minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of 22 February 2020 be approved and the chairman be authorised to sign them.

Matters arising: Corrie will erect a dustbin at the northern end of the River car park and check that all other dustbins are secure and in place. Sourcing of additional dustbins will be looked at.

The trailer registration form is still not available. Sheila will follow up in due course. The chair to send another letter regarding the state of the gabion wall at the River.

4. Correspondence

4.1 Correspondence received
An invitation to participate in the SPLUMA (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act) deliberations was received. Committee members should register as interested parties and encourage other residents to do the same.

4.2 Correspondence issued
The committee noted and approved the letter sent to the municipal manager after a meeting with him (and Jack) and Mr Maluleke: The letter reads as follows:

Dear Mr Dumezweni




Thank you for the meeting with Mr Jack Dell and me and Mr Maluleke yesterday.


We are pleased that we can report to our committee as follows:


    1. Flooding: the remedial work to prevent future flooding has been identified and approved. The implementation of the work and the procurement process will commence soon, and Mr Maluleke will furnish a us with a report, including a timeline within the next two weeks. In the meantime, a dredging of the storm water reticulation will be undertaken in Bushman’s during October 2020 as a short-term measure.
    2. The potholes will be attended to in a proper and workmanlike manner as soon as Mr Maluleke can source the materials for the project.
    3. You will investigate the re-introduction of a green refuse removal service for all areas in Ndlambe.

I trust that I have summarised the issues correctly and we are looking forward to a speedy resolution of these matters.

It was noted that the municipal manager responded to the letter, approving its contents.

RESOLVED that Corrie does not commence repairs of potholes and that we wait and see if the Municipality makes good on its word.

It was noted that a letter was sent to Mr Fanie Fouche regarding the imminent collapse of the ablution building in the dunes. A response is awaited.

4.3 Correspondence to be sent out
Towpath: there was no response from Estuary Care to our request for them to indicate that they will still attend to the towpath. The committee noted its disappointment.

Green refuse: The matter was discussed with the municipal manager. Committee members noted that there was such a service in Boknes and Cannon Rocks. The chair to write to the municipal manager and point this out.

The committee noted with regret that we have had no response to our letter regarding the state of collapse of the gabion wall next the River. The chair undertook to follow up.

5. Municipal Matters

5.1 Legal Issues
The trailer licence and register certificate were obtained. A duplicate vehicle registration certificate is awaited.

Jack will obtain a copy of the trailer insurance from Andrew Murray.

5.2 Other municipal matters

6. Finance

6.1 Income and expenditure

6.2 Budget status
Gerald Schmidt is to be asked to join our next meeting to assist with the compilation of a new budget.

6.2 Budget status:
Gerald Schmidt joined the meeting and assisted with the compilation with a budget.

6.3 Financials
The financials were inspected and approved. RESOLVED that the RB deficit from last year’s guards project be funded from the available funds of RB.

It was noted that the surplus this year will be ringfenced for the carpark project or the acquisition of afire tender.

7. Village Maintenance

7.1 Grass cutting and bush clearing

7.2 Road markings and street signs

7.3 Refuse removal

7.4 Other maintenance issues
It was noted that the Village was in a good condition. Dalien mentioned that there are serial offenders leaving large amounts of debris in RB. Dalien to forward particulars to the chair who will send it to the relevant municipal officials for action.

RESOLVED that the refuse trailer be strengthened and that the quote by Derick for R 10 180 be accepted.

7.4 The sign on Duwweltjie Square and the Skinder boom need upgrading. Members will ask around to see if someone is available to assist. The information signs at the entrances and the sea carpark are badly weathered and require attention. Jack will look into it.

8. Village Infrastructure

8.1 Ward Committee
No meetings were held this year.

8.2 Municipal IDP
Nothing to report.

8.3 Ablution blocks
RESOLVED that Corrie will inspect and repair the ablution blocks closer to the December holiday period.

8.4 Water, sewers and storm water drainage
Nothing additional.

8.5 Car parks and slipway
It was noted that a dune was now obstructing access to the sea car park and that very few vehicles can access that area.

RESOLVED that a sea car park sign be obtained and erected at the parking area closest to the sea. Also, a sign that no overnight camping is allowed. Jack and Corrie will arrange for the dustbin at the current sea car park and the information notice, to be moved to the new area. The municipal sign will also be moved to the new parking area.

Corrie will arrange for the loose bricks on the braais to be improved.

Ference will liaise with the camara fund for the relocation of the sea carpark cameras.

8.6 RESOLVED that the honesty box at the tennis court be built into the wall. Jack will assist and also obtain the key to the box from the person who has it.

8.7 No response was received from the municipality regarding the request to install streetlights donated by Mr Waddell. Jack made some of these fittings available to members who wished to install them.

9. Riversbend

The report received from Dalien was noted: new street signs were erected where required. Potholes are in the same condition as those in the Village. A grid is required in Second Street. Ference will obtain a quote from Derick and the chair from our past supplier. Dalien to send information.

10. Security

10.1 Liaison with Hi-Tec
Quotes for the December security is to be obtained in due course. A letter should be sent to HiTec highlighting the fact that it is unfair for them to respond to persons who are not paid-up members of Hi-Tec. A system should be devised to screen the calls for assistance.

10.2 Security incidents
It was noted that a number of security incidents have taken place. Ference reported that live number place recognition camaras are being installed.

10.3 Camera fund
Ference is now the chair of the camera fund. Both he and Gerald will take up the question of moving the sea carpark camera to the new area

10.4 Security fence maintenance
Mike Wells inspected and repaired the fence at no cost to BRRAG.

10.5 Liaison with SAPS
Nothing to report.

10.6 Liaison with local security groups
Liaison is ongoing.

10.7 RESOLVED that an appeal for December security funds be sent out asap.

11. Fire fighting

It was noted that the fire tender chassis is the property of the municipality and that the equipment affixed to is the property of BRRAG. Ference to talk to Derick and obtain a quote to build a trailer for BRRAG, licence it and transfer our equipment to such a new trailer. A decision can then be taken whether to obtain our own fire tender or whether to upgrade the existing fire tender. The problem that arises when BRRAG has its own tender is the storage thereof. Ference to report back.

It was noted that Jack has a key to the fire tender hose storeroom. Gerald also has one. The chair to ascertain whether John Wesley is in possession of a key.

12. Website

Nothing to report.

13. Newsletter

RESOLVED that the next newsletter be planned for distribution asap.

14. Estuary Care

RESOLVED to resend the letter regarding the towpath to the new Estuary Care chair.

15. Ndlambe Ratepayers’ Forum

Nothing to report.

16. Chamber of Business

Nothing to report.

17. NPO Report

The NPO report was successfully submitted and SARS confirmed that BRRAG is a PBO and tax exempt.

18. Any other business

Noted that the gabion wall is in a state of collapse and this could cause a serious problem for the area above it, including Ocean View drive. RESOLVED that a letter again be written to Ndlambe, Estuary Care, Sanparks, Eastern Cape Environmental Affairs.

19. Closure and next meeting

RESOLVED that some of the future meetings be held by video conferencing.
The following dates for a future meeting was approved.

10 November and 12 December

The meeting closed at 12h30 and the following date confirmed:

Dated 10 November 2020.


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