Welcome to our Spring Edition Newsletter October 2020
From the Editors desk

It’s been a long and hard six months for us all, in these unusual times here in Bushman’s and throughout South Africa, and to find something other than Covid 19; and corruption to talk about; has been an almost impossible task until now.

Having been incarcerated in our own homes, unable to meet with our family and friends, deprived of the little luxuries that we once took for granted, we now find ourselves able to walk the beaches again, shop in our bottle stores, eat out at our favorite restaurants, and cross provincial borders once again. We can now look forward to embracing our children and grandchildren once more. Spring has finally arrived and our evenings are getting lighter, brighter, and longer. The weight on our shoulders has been lifted, and frowns replaced by smiles.

From the Chair

Committee Members

We have a shortage of committee members and invite you to nominate persons to stand for election or to be co-opted. Of the 12 possible positions, only six are filled and 4 of us wish to stand back after many years of service. We will assist with the handing over of the BRRAG business to persons willing to serve. Please see the attached nomination form. Click here.

December Security

BRRAG appeals to all residents, owners and prospective tenants, to once again please make donations towards this worthy project.

Please deposit your donation into the following bank account:

Account name: BRRAG
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051117 Kenton on Sea
Account Number: 281116393
Reference: Guards.xxStreet/Surname.

Please send an email notification to bushmansratepayers@gmail.com with your particulars donation to help us identify the correct houses that are contributing towards this very worthy protection plan.

Markings will be placed in the street outside the houses that contributed for easy identification by the guards.

The Volo

During the September high tides, the Volo wreck decided to show us a leg… It is not often that the wreck is opened to this extent. Usually, one just sees the two pegs that are now in the centre of the photograph.

The time of year has arrived and painting the roads in the Village has begun. Patrick Miller has very kindly taken over the duty of supervising the painting of the road speed humps and is doing a marvelous job. Sianda and Guguleto are working on the roads project with Patrick and everything is “going like a Boeing”.

Talking about roads…

The Bushman’s bridge walkway is being revamped and should be all spic and span for December.

Garden refuse

The problem of people leaving green refuse outside residences remains huge. The municipality only removes refuse that is placed in refuse bags and not garden refuse left on sidewalks. We have had an in-depth discussion with the municipal manager about this and he undertook to investigate the matter and to attempt to re-introduce a green ruse removal service. When, and if, this will happen, is, of course, another matter. In the meantime, we ask the few inconsiderate residents not to leave your rubbish lying around as there is no one to take it away. PLEASE TAKE YOUR GREEN REFUSE TO THE DUMP SITE in Riversbend, just past Build It. The BRRAG trailer is also for hire – phone Jack 0798292698.

Boat and Buoy Licences

Mr Willem Nel, the Ndlambe Environmental Law Officer advised as follows.

Boat licences are due and have been since the 1st July 2020 for the new financial year 2020-2021.

The licenses are available at the Ndlambe KOS Finance office and for the interim, the Environmental Compliance Office in Port Alfred.

Please tell or get the word out that the licence must be placed on the port side of the boats ie if you sit in your boat facing forward, on your left-hand side, and clearly visible for inspection when passing by.
Renewal of buoy applications run concurrently with the boat licences, ie the same period, 1st July to 30th June annually.

If you wish to not renew your buoy permit, please inform Mr Nel and remove your buoy/anchor and chain immediately. There are other boaters who requested a place for their boats, especially in the Bushman’s River.
If buoy licences are not renewed, they are illegal by the end of September 2020, they will be removed and handed in at SAPS KOS. This applies to all buoys and in any or all rivers/estuaries. Further, please ensure that your buoy is clearly marked with the buoy number provided. If the buoy number is not visible, the buoy will be taken as illegal.

Environmental Law Officer (Environmental Compliance)
Ph: 046 604 5602 – Direct line
Ph: 046 604 5527 – Admin office
Cell: 082 388 4600

Community Fundraising Report

AS a result of, and due to the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions that are still in place; and the uncertainty of a second wave, it has been decided that the Christmas Craft Market, as well as all fundraising events leading up to the end of December 2020, will in effect be cancelled until further notice.

Community General Information

Lots of good news for local residents and Sunshine Coast Tourism Centre

For those of you who have yet to discover, the good news is that The Red Apple Eatery at the Sunshine Coast Tourist Centre has a new owner, and is currently open for business. Having recently said farewell and goodbye to Liuwell, Con, and Sophie, we now welcome Garnet and Madelyn Deacon and their kids Joy and John to our community here in Bushman’s and Riversbend. Garnet first came to Bushman’s aged 7, and his parents have retired here to Cannon Rocks. Originally from the Vaal triangle, Garnet and Madelyn have embarked on a new venture as patrons of the Red Apple Eatery, and besides providing the locals with fresh food and drink, they will be introducing fresh produce and artisan breads at the premises. We welcome them and wish them every success for the future. You can either sit down or place a takeaway order on Tel: 046 648 1041 Visit their website – theredapple.co.za for trading hours or email admin@theredapple.co.za for enquiries / bookings

Mr Andre Swanepoel, the owner of the new Build It store, which is currently under construction at the Sunshine Coast Tourist Centre, has informed us that it won’t be too long (hopefully December) before the doors of his new Hardware store will be open to the public, and we wish Andre every success with his new business.

By Easter of 2021, the community of Bushman’s and Riversbend, should benefit from a new OK Foods Store at the Sunshine Coast Tourist Centre. The owner of this proposed property is Mr George Deysel, a family man with his wife Stephanie and two daughters and a resident in Bushman’s River Mouth. (The Secret Garden, next to The Red Apple Eatery, is currently run by George’s wife Stephanie, and specialises in indigenous plants, varieties of fruit trees, and plants). George is looking forward to the commencement of the building works and completion of the OK Foods Store, which he says will be a great addition for the local community.

Drain Problems

There is a new business in Kenton that does drain cleaning with a high-pressure system – first-hand experience proved that this uncomplicated effective method properly clears drains from all blockages, including roots. Drain Jet – 081 430 3076. They also do high pressure cleaning of roofs, paving and decks. If you mention BRRAG when making a booking for the service, you can claim a 5% discount.

Finally, news has reached us, as to the relocation of Bushman’s Mud Pies back to Main Road in Bushman’s at the site of the old Log Out Bar.

BRRAG – 100 Club Prize draw winners for the August draw:

1st Prize Ference Toth R 450
2nd Prize Marietjie Marais R 270
3rd Prize Natie Ferriera R 230

Letters from Members

Hallo Lotter, the below insert in the March newsletter caught my eye. There is another real problem wrt dog owners in the village where people are not keeping their dogs on leashes when outside of their property. It appears to be especially the so-called locals or permanent residents that are guilty, they seem to think they own the place. We also let our dogs loose when on the beach and no other people are in sight, but as soon as others approach, we put them back on their leashes. These self-importants do not, and when we talk to them about it, it is always the same story, “My dog is not vicious”, or “My dog doesn’t fight”, or similar. That is no excuse. We have a large boerboel/ridgeback cross that is not generally aggressive, but he is very strong, and when these little stoep dogs that run around loose come and bark at him in his face he gets angry, and one day we will not be able to hold on to him, then there will be big trouble. And it is not only these little “skoot hondjies” that are allowed to run around loose, there also some big dogs roaming up & down the street. My brother next door has the exact same problem with his bull terrier when taking it for a walk. Maybe you could insert something about this issue in the next newsletter?
Concerned Member.

Dear BRRAG, BRRAG does a great job – and I will always support where I can. Whenever my wife and myself walk on the beach to Kwaaihoek, which is often, – the amount of dog pooh on the main beach at the car park area is disgusting. 80% I reckon, of owners simply don’t care if their dogs pooh on the beach – which happens, but at least pick it up! The poor holiday makers and kids that often come and play there in the sand in season!!. Maybe I should do something about it? Suggestions? I am proud of BRM (but also embarrassed when guests – and non-offending locals walk onto our pooh infested beach). Maybe let’s get over the COVID saga first then further discuss possible solutions. Take care and be safe! Regards, BRM resident and BRRAG member.



Some dog owners appear to be ignorant of the fact that leaving dog faeces where young children play, creates a health risk. The parasite Toxocara canis, a roundworm found in the faeces of dogs (yes, your dear doggie too!!) and cats can cause blindness, asthma and even epilepsy if it is accidentally ingested, which is most likely to be by the very young. Dog lovers often do not clear up after a dog has fouled. The beaches and towpath where little ones play on the sand and grass are areas where the problem is most likely to rear its head. Please take a bag with you when you stroll your dog and clean up its mess.

Comment concerned resident

To certain residents of Bushman’s the sound of their dogs barking and howling doesn’t bother them at all, even when they are at home in their very own place of residence. This nonsense barking causes not only an unnecessary annoyance to other residents, but at worse people will eventually ignore; what maybe a genuine house break in, because it’s the same barking that goes on and on all the time. It becomes the story of the boy who cried Wolf, and then no one will believe otherwise, and that’s when security breaches can happen.

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