Membership and funds

We have successfully tendered for a contract to remove green refuse from our Villages, and we supplement our income and cover our costs in this way. It will still require of our volunteers to assist by collecting trailer loads of refuse and taking it to the industrial area. Please let us know if you can assist with a load or two from time to time.

Security guards for Christmas holiday season

For various reasons we encounter an increase in crime over the holiday season. Working in conjunction with the SAPS, BRRAG, our Night Watch Team and other community organisations, we embark on additional safety and security projects over this period. These projects are primarily focussed on preventing crime. BRRAG’s main project over the Christmas holiday period is the deployment of additional security guards to patrol the areas where we have sufficient participating residents/homeowners.

Patrols have been employed in both the Old Village and Riversbend. The night watch members are very active with regular patrols by community members in all areas. Additional resources over the holiday season will ensure that crime is kept to a minimum.

Despite the predicted increase in crime over the December 2020 to January 2021 season no house or vehicle burglaries were reported in the areas where guards were deployed.

For the December 2020/January 2021 period the cost of the security guards to BRRAG was R 150 000. BRRAG originally planned for eight guards, but due to the excellent response from members in the Bushman’s Old Village, it was possible to increase the number of guards. There is an increase in the cost this year.

Preliminary planning is again for eleven guards from mid-December 2021 to 9 January 2022 to cover our area. However, if BRRAG does raise additional money, as it did last year, we will again add additional guards.

Any funds raised from members in the Riversbend area will be held separately and used exclusively for that area. The number of guards will be dependent on how much money is raised.

The initial areas to be allocated/patrolled by guards are as follows:

  • Night shift: There will be seven guards patrolling the Bushman’s Old Village at night. The patrol routes will overlap to provide the most effective coverage to participating members.
  • Day shift: There will be a guard at the slipway area and one guard at the new beach car park area.

BRRAG appeals to all residents, owners, and prospective tenants, to please make donations once again towards this worthy project.

Please deposit your donation into the following bank account:

BRRAG: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051117 Kenton on Sea
Account Number: 281116393
Reference: Guards.xxStreet/Surname.

Please send an email notification to with your particulars to help us identify the correct houses that are contributing towards this very important protection plan.

Markings will be placed in the street outside the houses that contributed for easy identification by the guards.

Membership fees

Those members who would like to pay membership fees for 2022 of R350 (or any amount more than this would be greatly appreciated), may also do that now. Please notify us of your membership subscription when making payment. All fees received are put to good use in maintaining the Village. Reference: Subs.xxStreet.Surname

Tennis court

We have a ringfenced tennis court fund and urge users to place donations in the honesty box at the club house. The nets have been repaired. We would like to paint the lines. Donations with reference “tennis” are also welcome – see our website under banking for references.  

Committee members

We are still encouraging residents to avail yourself to serve on this pro-active and hardworking committee and to assist with our many projects.

We also bid farewell to Corrie and Sheila Swanepoel, who will be moving to the Reef. We cannot say thank you, thank you enough for the many years of service to Boesmansriviermond and its community. We wish you all the best at your new retirement home. We trust that this special place will always be fondly remembered by you. Go safely.

Camera fund

Our committee member, Ferenc Toth, who drives the community camera fund initiative, is also the chair of the local camera fund. This too, is an important security initiative deserving of our attention and support. Please support the Camera Fund.

We are supporting the initiative to install cameras at the carpark / picnic areas and the ablution block that is continually vandalised. Please assist by donating into our account with reference: Camera.xx.Street.Surname.


We are expecting a water scarce December holiday.

The local Chamber of Business has taken the initiative to have as many freshwater tanks installed in our water scarce villages. Buco is offering five thousand litre tanks at R3999 incl vat, and ten thousand litre tanks at R10650 incl vat. If you can, please harvest as much rainwater as possible.

August 100 club

The August 100 club winners were:

1st Prize R 450 John Wesley
2nd Prize R 330 Marietjie Marais
3rd Prize R 270 Therese Schmidt

Congratulations to the winners. If you are not a participant, please join this fun club. Click here.


With spring in the air, is Riversbend trying hard to justify it?

We call on the residents to please keep the area free of illegal dumping, including builders’ rubble.

Instead, let’s rather invest with something indigenous.

Brief historical background

Adapted and translated from: Boesmansriviermond: Families, by Elsa E Mallherbe, November 1997.

  1. Bartholomew Dias erected his cross at “Kwaaihoek” on 12 March 1488. The spot is approximately 5 1/2 km. from the mouth of the Bushman’s River and ± 21/2 km. from the Boknes mouth.
  2. According to the SA Biographical Dictionary Part IV, captain Robert Jacob Gordon, who was a captain in the Cape Garrison between November 1785 and March 1786, found the remnants of the Dais Cross at what is today known as “Kwaaihoek”. The engraved parts were taken to Cape Town, but it later disappeared. The rest of this padrão was gathered by prof. E Axelson and is today housed in the library at the University of the Witwatersrand. A replica of the original cross was erected near Kwaaihoek.
  3. According to Patrick Cullinan’s book: “Robert Jacob Gordon 1743 – 1795. The man and his Travels at the Cape”; Captain Gordon reached the mouth of the Bushman’s River in January 1778. Gordon says: “The river was 80 to 100 paces wide at this place and ran through bushy hills. There was a sandbank at the mouth, where the buffalo cross and swim”. He found the beach flat and sandy, without rocks and there were few breakers. There was no bay. “So far as I could see the shore extended E. by N. and W. half S. and from the left bank of the river, a rocky dune stretched right into the sea, but half an hour to the west the shore was flat and unbroken. After this there was another rocky dune.” The description still fits the rocky outcrop on the Kenton side of the mouth and the other rocky dune is our “Eerste Kwaaihoek” – the replica of the cross being on “Third Kwaaihoek”.
  4. In 1896 we had The Wreck of the Volo.
  5. According to municipal records there were 3-4 houses before 1900 and approximately 15 houses before 1920.
  6. Tom Futter then sub-divided his farm “Berthaville”, Portion of Whitney into plots. These were sold at a public auction on Dubbeltjie Square, on 13 December 1928. (Average price was £25).
  7. In 1933 The Department of Forestry sold their plots, on the original “old” Bushman’s. The municipal records then indicated a rapid increase in the number of houses.’
  8.  A Local Management Board was proclaimed on 2 November 1937. In 1941 the status of Town was reached with Proclamation No. 20 of the Cape Province. The resort was then called “Boesmansriviermond”.
  9. The first Anglican Church was erected during 1938 at the cost of £400 – built by Mr C.O. Everton. The “new” and present church of St David was dedicated by Bishop Cullen on 30 December 1939.
  10. Since the beginning of the 20th century the Dutch Reformed services were held under the trees in front of the Scheeperskraal house. (Later this became the home of aunt Ellaleen and Uncle Danie Malan). The permanent residents and the farmers from the district and holidaymakers all raised funds and the church hall was built by Mr Jan Crous in 1950. The hall later became the present DR church.
  11. In 1962 The Roman Catholic Church was built by Mr H.P.L. Stevens.
  12. The status of ne Local Board was raised to Village Management Board by proclamation 19 dated 27 January 1950.
  13. The mothers of Boesmans were very concerned because their youngsters had to go to Kariega and Kasouga for entertainment and dances. A fund was launched, and money was raised to build a Municipal Hall. Another example of the supportive community of Boesmans! Since then, the municipality has added offices and made improvements to the original hall.
  14. The bridge over the River to Kenton was built in 1958 (Western side), 1960 (Eastern side). What a pity that they did not make use of more pillars and less sand. Perhaps – one day – they could change this and save our River!
  15. The first street was tarred in 1967 other streets tarred in 1969 & 1972.
  16. Water was piped to properties – 1969.
  17. E.S.C.O.M. brought its electricity in the 1970’s.
  18. Extension 1 was developed – now called Riversbend. (1982)
  19. Industrial erven were developed 1982.
  20. Private dredging was started by concerned property owners. (1983)
  21. Marselle Township was developed for locals. Tarred roads, streetlights, and other amenities were installed. (1983)
  22. Our greatest asset is our River. We cannot allow that is becomes closed due to sediment. Progeny, PLEASE remember this.
  23. “Boesmans/Kariega Trust” established to watch over the River – the ecology. We are very grateful to them.
  24. Clinic and Ambulance functioning (1982).
  25. Ratepayers Association was established years ago. Records destroyed in fire and the actual date is unknown. Was before 1960. This Association is still active and keenly interested in the welfare of the Bushman’s River and Boesmansriviermond.
  26. The official name of the town is Boesmansriviermond.

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