Dear Bushman’s Residents and Holiday Visitors,

Security guards for Christmas holiday season – Reminder

I hope that you are all looking forward to December at Boesmans and that we can have a relatively “normal” visit this year!!

We have sent an appeal for assistance to fund our December security guards. The response thus far has, at best, been luke-warm, although a handful of members donated handsomely. Please assist us to arrange proper security for the holiday season: crime in our area spikes during the holiday season. We hope that this will not be the first year in long time that we must forego this benefit.

Please donate generously. We still require a substantial amount. If we do not reach our goal of R175 000 we cannot enter into an agreement with our service provider, which must be done in good time so that they can hire in staff.

BRRAG: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051117
Kenton on Sea
Account Number: 281116393
Reference: Guards.xx.Street.Name.

Please send an email notification to to help us identify the correct houses that are contributing towards this protection plan.

Markings will be placed in the street outside the houses that contributed for easy identification by the guards.

Thank you if you have already contributed. We shall acknowledge all payments received.

Kind regards

Lötter Wepener
Chairperson: Executive Committee
Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation
22 October 2021.

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