September has arrived with all the beautiful blossoms and… spring tides…

Our new look Boesmansriviermond

Our three major projects

First: Town Hall building

The BBRAG Committee has commenced with renovations and maintenance tasks to restore the Town Hall to its former glory. We are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from residents and local businesses, some of whom have generously pledged sponsorship towards these endeavours. Thank you each and every one who supported us financially with this task. See how we worked and transformed the dilapidated hall. Financial assistance can be made into our usual account with reference street name and word “hall”.

We hope that this facility will again serve our community for all sorts of functions and activities. We are also offering Wi-Fi and the venue will be suitable for meetings and conferences. We have acquired a first lot of chairs and will fit the hall and office areas out as and when we are financially able to do so. Cas Vorster donated a piano and pool table, which we hope to refurbish.

Second: Storm damage

The weekend of 16 / 17 September saw rough seas and extremely high tides. There was significant damage in our area.

Kenton lost its iconic Carriage rock, and much damage was caused at Middle Beach.

Our jetty was severely damaged, the board walk requires repairs and the skinderboom platform was partially washed away – one of our benches was retrieved from the Kenton beach!

We applied for disaster funding from the municipality who is applying for disaster funding from the government. Who knows whether we will see any assistance. The result ii that BRRAG has commenced approaching contractors for assistance so that we can attempt to restore the main areas for the December holiday period. We sent out a call for assistance via WhatsApp and we thank all our residents and members for your wonderful response. We are hoping to raise R 75 000 to repair the basics. Please assist if you can with payments into our usual account with your reference (street name and number) and the word “damage”.

Third major project

December security

We are planning for our usual additional security during the holiday season. Why so early? Because we need to advise the service provider of the number of guards that we will require in good time as they must hire them in and ensure that they are properly trained to comply with the relevant legislation regarding security guards. This cannot happen overnight. We urge members to commence contributing towards the December security fund so that we can assess our resources for the project by the end of October 2022. Please donate generously.

We require approximately R 175 000 – R 200 000. Payment can be made as follows:

BRRAG: Standard Bank
Branch Code 051117
Kenton on Sea
Account Number 281116393
Reference: Guards.xx.Street.Name.

Please send an email notification to to help us identify the correct houses that are contributing towards this protection plan. Riversbend owners, please encourage neighbours to assist – we have traditionally contracted for fewer guards for a shorter period due to the lack of contributions.

Also note, that the amount above only allows for guards at night (18h00 – 06h00) and a slipway and sea carpark guard during the day. If we receive more than the amount above, daily roving guards can be added.

Markings will be placed in the street outside the houses that contribute for easy identification by the guards during December.

Whatsapp group for members

We have established a WhatsApp group for paid up members of BRRAG. It is an additional communication channel to improve communication with members. If you want were on this group. All the above news would have been with you as it happened. If you want to join and read our communications or communicate with us, please send your name and surname and cellular number to us by return email. Send it to our email address with the words WhatsApp group in the subject line.

In Memoriam

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Anne Nightingale.

Anne was an institution and much loved by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with Errol.


BRRAG “making a difference” by supporting Siya Soup Kitchen. Seen here loading “soup currency”, bound for recycling, onto the BRAGG trailer.

Good day Chairpersons of Ratepayers Association


I would kindly like to request your assistance in communicating with your members through your platforms, that any ratepayer who wishes to update their email address or change the method they are currently using to receive their municipal Rates and services accounts from postal to email, that they should please contact me to do so. We are experiencing problems with the Post Office with post being delivered late or not at all therefore we are trying to have updated contact details to avoid any delays that might occur when we send out important notices.

All request for contact details to be updated can be send to me at

Thank you for your assistance.


Kind regards

Jeanette Pienaar


“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”


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