December security

We covered our areas for the most critical times over the festive season and there was not a single crime-related incident reported during the period that guards were on duty. Thank you to all our wonderful contributors to this annual project. Pity that a car was stolen the day after our extra security ended!!


Thanks to Martin and Veronique Jones for a set of new BRRAG decals.  Members can collect these at the slipway kiosk.


The kiosk at the slipway was a huge success during the holiday season. It also secured additional income for BRRAG. It will be open intermittently during the off-season period.  Watch the BRRAG WhatsApp group.

Whatsapp group for members

We have established a WhatsApp group for paid up members of BRRAG. It is an additional communication channel to improve communication with members. If you want to read our communications or communicate with us, please send your name and surname and cellular number to us by return email. Send it to our email address with the words WhatsApp group in the subject line. We intend concentrating on getting newsworthy matters out as quickly as possible to members and not wait for our newsletter that also goes to some non-members.

By using this platform, we hope to act immediately on issues that affect us all. We have the objective to enhance service delivery and communication. Examples are reporting of streetlights not working with street name and pole number; water issues; infrastructure reporting; signage repairs; refuse removal; security issues – please note this does not replace any of the security groups but serves as a reporting service.

Camera fund

Please see newsletter by the Camera Fund. Community Camera Fund.pdf. The cameras in our area play a huge role in the control of criminal activity. This message came out during the second week of January: “Thank you NW who helped me recover my vehicle last night with the help of the community camera fund NAVIC ANPR (number plate recognition) cameras. Also, a big shout out to SAPS Kenton On Sea and Multi Security in Port Alfred for their quick response”.

Donations can also be made to BRRAG in the usual account with reference your name and “Camera”.

BRRAG at work

Our staff members are supporting the efforts of local Kenton resident, Adrian Purdon, who co-ordinated assistants to clean the roadsides from the Kenton Eco Estate to the Boknes turn-off on a regular basis. Thanks to Adrian and Gugu and Julius for assisting with this project.

Our Villages had lots of rain during the early part of December and our guys struggled to keep up with mowing of open spaces and all the other chores. But they are back on duty and will both be afforded a well-deserved annual holiday after the season. The tennis courts should be sealed and painted for our Easter holidays.

RREMINDER: please deposit a fair amount in our honesty box at the court when you make use of the courts.

We also saw two private functions held by members in the clubhouse. The cost? Whatever you deem the use was worth for you. The funds are ringfenced for court uokeep purposes.

Refuse collected along the

More holiday news

Please see the Sunshine Coast Tourism newsletter.

Annual membership fees

Our subscriptions remain the same as the past few years i.e., R 350. In addition, we shall be sending out accounts to current members as a reminder that subs are due for the 2023 year (our year-end is November, annually).

BRRAG 100 Club

The 100 Club, as it is called, is best put in simplistic terms as a monthly donation with a difference, a percentage of the donated money is given back to the participants by way of a bi – monthly draw called “The 100 Club” draw. The remainder of the money goes to the Bushman’s River Mouth Ratepayers’ Organisation. The monies raised through the 100 Club are used for many varied projects in keeping our local areas clean and tidy and well maintained throughout the year.

  • There are 100 numbers ranging from 01 to 100. (We can create more).
  • Each individual number is allocated to whoever decides to pay the monthly subscription of R50 for a single number (that has not already been taken).
  • Any individual may purchase more than one number e.g. one number for a husband and one for a wife, simply making the monthly donation 2 x R50 = R100 per month.
  • The draw takes place every two months and is drawn at the community month end braais.
  • The winners (if not present at the draw) are notified and their names are published in our own BRRAG newsletters and on our website.
  • There are four main prize winners and one additional prize for attending the month end community braai.
  • As an example: If 40 numbers are allocated, which means 40 tickets have been paid for each month, then the 1st prize winner would receive R800. the 2nd R400 the 3rd R300 4th R200 and the 5th R100
  • If more than 40 tickets are sold, then the prizes increase if less than 40 are sold then the prizes decrease accordingly.
  • You will be able to choose your number or numbers once you have set up your monthly stop order. You will receive confirmation that your number or numbers have been allocated for the next draw.

This is a great way of contributing towards the upkeep of our areas in Bushman’s and adds a little excitement to the participants every second month of the year.

Most members pay a yearly subscription.

Pay your R50 or R100 or more before the 20th of the month as follows:

Standard Bank
Account number: 28-111-639-3
Ref 100 Club.xxStreet.Surname
To obtain/choose a number, please contact Sarel Marais

New committee member

Welcome Duard Scholtz who joined our committee from this year. We wish you a happy association from this side of things. We are hoping that other members of our community will become available to serve on the active committee – please email us if you are interested to join the committee.

We also serve on the NRF (Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum), SDSG (Service Delivery Support Group – see our chair report on our website), Estuary Care, Chamber of Business and Tourism, and several other organisations where your input may be helpful. We are in need of the services of a SECRETARY, please.


For your convenience and instant response, please use one of the self-services channels

  1. To report power outages , please use Alfred Our Chatbot
  2. For account balances, submitting of meter readings and to report power outages, please use the MyEskom Customer app (for Android click here to download; and for the IOS version please click here to download) or  CS Online
  3. For all other queries (application-related service requests, account-related service requests, disconnection and credit extension-related service requests), kindly follow these instructions:

Resubmit your query to

Please ensure that your email has the relevant email subject heading as follows:

  • For Applications related queries, please use #Application and the Province your Request relates to.
  • For Accounts related queries, please use #Accounts and the Province your Request relates to.
  • For Move In / Move Out related queries, please use #MIMO and the Province your Request relates to.
  • For Disconnections and Credit Extensions, please use #DCE and the Province your Request relates to.

In order for us to effectively assist you, please provide us with your account or meter number, two contact numbers and a description of your request.



The BRRAG team

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