We have formed an Action Group consisting of BRRAG, KOSRA, Nature’s Landing, Merryhill, Chamber of Business and others to oppose the plan to push sand towards the River and then cart it through Kenton for disposal. Please read all about it in our previous newsletter that appears on our website. We require financial support to stop this ugly construction site across the Boesmans River. Please assist. We have appointed MER environmental consultants and Dr. Jeremy Ridl as our environmental lawyer.

Thank you to all who have made financial contributions. It placed us in a position to get the ball rolling.


Please read about and support our petition if you have not done so by now. How? Read all about it on our website and find the link to sign the petition. Click on Info & News, Bushmans News and then on Kenton Sand Dune.

Developments: we commissioned MER, and environmental concern that specializes in marine, estuary and dune matters to study the Boesmans estuary and the sand movement in the mouth. The comprehensive report is available and may not serve some private interests.  Please see our submission to Ndlambe here and the report here. Everyone may not support all the detail in the report, but as far as the dune management is concerned, we trust that we shall all be in agreement therewith.

We hope that common sense will prevail and that the promotors of opposing solutions will be able to see the error of their ways without us having to incur enormous legal costs to help them to do so.

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