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BRRAG Standard Bank Kenton on Sea
Account number: 281116393


Welcome to the committee….Jan Stark who also joined to assist with some of our tasks.  The committee now consists of: Jacques de Wit, Dalien Pachonick, Ferenc Toth, Sarel Marais, Jan Stark and interim members assisting: Lӧtter Wepener, Jack Dell and Sheila Swanepoel.  The interim members will stand back as soon as replacement members are on board.

New developments

Please see details of a new proposed development on the southern side of Boesmans. Click here.
And an environmental impact assessment regarding erf 309 at the slipway. Click here.

100 Club

100 club draw winners were:
1st Place John Wesley ticket no 29.
2nd Place Simon Cooper ticket no 66.
3rd Place Corrie Swanepoel ticket no 02.

Next draw takes place at the end of April 2021
Join the draw – see 100 club article on our website.

Easter security

We are arranging for limited security guards at the slipway area for the protection of watercraft as well as a cleaning service for the ablution facilities over the Easter break.  Donations to assist with this service can be made as usual: guards.xxStreet.Name

Fire tender

Our nearest fire fighting service is in Port Alfred and we are vulnerable in our area. Brrag does part-own an ageing fire-tender that is on its last legs. It is housed at the inoperative disaster management building at the Boesmans entrance.  It has served us well in instances where the municipal fire vehicle arrived, but was inoperative. Your committee decided to make efforts to acquire a new fire tended that is wholly owned by BRRAG and can be stored where it is safe and under our exclusive control.  To this end, we are embarking on an ambitious fundraiser to collect R 70 000.  We request members to carefully consider the benefits of an onsite fire tender as opposed to being dependant on something that has to make its way from Port Alfred. Obviously, a portable fire tender can never replace the real thing, but it has its benefits and may just save someone from a disaster, as it has proved in the past.  Please consider assisting with this acquisition. Donations will be ring fenced. We hope that this effort will be successful.  As with our refuse trailer, the equipment is firstly, for members use and assistance.

Payments can be made as follows:  Reference Fire.xxxStreet.Name.

Water problems

The water supply in our area remains beset with problems: the Amatola infrastructure has continual problems and Ndlambe is obliged to supply water to its drought-stricken areas. It obtains water for distribution from our reverse osmosis plant. The water is ferried by trucks to other areas that do not have water. The collection and distribution of water causes its own problems with the water supply in our towns and remedial work is constantly necessary. You will have noticed the drought water tariff on your municipal account. This is not because we do not have water in our Ward, it is a measure to encourage all persons to use water more sparingly so that an efficient distribution, also to other areas, can be undertaken. That is what’s happening and is causing water shortages in our area – whether we agree with the manner in which the local authority functions, is another matter.

Camera Fund

Please read about the local camera fund by clicking here.


Some dog owners appear to be ignorant of the fact that leaving dog faeces where young children play, creates a health risk. The parasite Toxocara canis, a roundworm found in the faeces of dogs (yes, your dear doggie too!!) and cats can cause blindness, asthma and even epilepsy if it is accidentally ingested, which is most likely to be by the very young. Dog lovers often do not clear up after a dog has fouled.  The beaches and towpath where little ones play on the sand and grass are areas where the problem is most likely to rear its head.  Please take a bag with you when you stroll your dog and clean up its mess.

Tale end

“The bad news is nothing lasts forever,
The good news is nothing lasts forever.”

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